Meg & Inki (Klyntar/Symbiote) by MeaKitty

Meg & Inki (Klyntar/Symbiote)


31 July 2019 at 06:51:22 MDT

And again, more personal art... Meg got herself a Klyntar Symbiote! Courtesy of her IC Husband, Nate, who apparently bio-engineered a bunch of them including his own symbiote, Havoc (who happens to be this one's best friend/lover)... but this one was made espeically for Meg herself. Her name (the Symbiote) is Inkeri, or Inki for short - because she's extra goopy and swirls with a metallic shine like ink itself.

Inkeri. (Ink-er-ee) Inkeri's language of origin is Old Norse.
Inkeri is a form of the English, German, and Scandinavian Ingrid - Inkeri is a Finnish variant of Ingrid.
Ingrid originates in Old Norse language and means "beautiful goddess".
In Norse mythology, Ing was another name of Freyr, and important god of farming, weather and fertility.
In several languages the meaning of the name Inkeri is: Hero's daughter.

Ironic, considering Meg treats her more like a daughter than anything else... teaching her about the world, even though Havoc gave Inki the head's up about the outside world from his own experiences. So she's just a baby gooper learning everything for herself. Which is so fun to RP! Didn't actually intend to get this image to progress this far... actually just sat down trying to get the basic sketch fleshed out, then... sort of figured I'd ink it... and ended up INKERIng it completely. XD But I think it looks super feckin' AWESOME! So proud of the final image. Wheeeeeee.

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