Amphertite - Goddess of the Ocean by MeaKitty

Amphertite - Goddess of the Ocean


10 August 2019 at 21:09:54 MDT

Amphertite - Goddess of the Ocean, Wife of Poseidon, Mother of Triton.

Fast Facts
Pronunciation: am-fi-trahy-tee
Origin: Greece
Role: Goddess of the sea
Symbols: Fish, dolphin
Parents: Nereus (Okeanos) & Doris (Tethys)
Husband: Poseidon
Children: Triton, Rhode, Kymopoleia
Home: The Aegean Sea

Greek mythological tales speak of the sea nymphs that assisted sailors facing storms on the sea.
They lived deep in the Aegean Sea with their father Nereus, best known as the Old Man of the Sea, from Homeric passages.
There are 50 (or 100, no one is sure) Nereids in all, and the eldest is Amphitrite.
She is a direct descendant, and granddaughter, of the primal titan Oceanus.

Originally, Amphitrite was an important goddess. She witnessed the birth of the god Apollo along with other high ranking deities.
Her legendary husband was the powerful Poseidon, the god of the sea, and brother of the chief of gods, Zeus.
In later years, she had a lesser role in the myths and eventually her name simply represented the sea itself.

I am so happy with the way this turned out, one of my best and favourite images so far. Gonna make her a print if you would like a copy of her to hang on your wall.

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