New Semi-OC: Amphertite by MeaKitty

New Semi-OC: Amphertite


25 June 2019 at 20:54:02 MDT

Got bored and inspired so I'm making a new character artwork for my RP semi-OC, Amphertite - Goddess of the Ocean, Wife of Poseidon, Mother of Triton. Whatchu think? Still needs a bit of work, but I'm actually really happy with the pose and the basic idea of her. Lot more work with all the detailing to come but that's going to happen in the inking process. Debating on the background - either coming out of the water or completely submerged in her domain, which do you think would be better?
Open for a couple of Wing-It's (Half Price: $60) or sketches now via Ko-Fi
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    The design's great! I love the tail! :)

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      Why thank you!

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        You’re very welcome! :)