My name is Matthew Ebel.
I've been a bird since I was 14 years old.
I make music for a living, mostly at cons. I'm also a voice actor.
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Working with Remote Musicians

on 25 May 2017 at 07:23:28 MDT

Everyone knows the internet has been a mixed blessing for musicians. Whatever; it’s the reality we must accept, piracy and all. But one thing I’m thrilled about is the ability to work with musicians from… ANYWHERE.

This new album, #CognitiveDissonance, brings in local talent like Matt on Bass and Runtt on Drums, as well as a new friend from Texas. I looked at mastering engineers in Nashville, Chicago, and here in Boston. I was THIS CLOSE to adding vocals from a Florida friend, but that song didn’t make the cut.

The best part is that all of us are capable of recording pro-quality audio in our home studios. I make up a hasty demo with fake instruments, send the song to Korozjin, and he sends me back some mind-curdlingly-good guitar parts for reamping.

Sometimes it feels a bit… inorganic. It’d be great if we could make like the 1960’s and all pile into the studio, playing in perfect sync and feeding off each other’s energy… but the fact is that I’d rather have access to the global talent pool.

There are some amazing people out there, far away from the big music hubs. And they're making my music sound SO GOOD.

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Songs would be licensed for nonprofit use (meaning you can post stuff on your profile, your website, to YouTube, etc., but can't use it for your company's commercials or your movie soundtrack). Lyrics aren't going to be included, but they may pop up if the inspiration strikes.


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    Wait? Like.... "the lives of dexter peterson" Matthew Ebel???? Ive been listening to your stuff on google play for months!

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      Well awesome! Thanks! You can listen to me here too, AND watch live streams. :)

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    Hey, thanks for the fave! You're in/around Boston too, eh? Say hi ta' ya' motha' fa' me!

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    Thank you SO much for your time this weekend, Mister-The-Rubber-Face. (^_^)

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    Yey the burd is found! follows