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...Really? by Mancoin



Wanted to draw a silly Rena pic
SO I did...
.... why?

Renamon © Toei animation
Pokeball © Nintendo

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  • Link do put pokemon you don't use in a PC away...they are sort of related. God forbid someone wants a battle with their Charmander and you throw out a freaking Metalgreymon.

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      Heh yea, kind of sounds like a digimon trainer would have the upper hand with that match-up :D

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        Very true in most cases.

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          Gigantic digimon versus small pokemon c :

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            Well, not if they use Wailord, that sucker is really freaking big...and also a big target.

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              And also a really big kebab? c :

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    Wouldn't that actually work though? Because the Pokeball transforms living tissue into data, (I think) and Digimon are a cross between the two... right?

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      Hmmm might in theory.
      No idea whether or not in reality though :D

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      That IS an interesting theory!

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        Although when you think about it, it's meant to recognize pokemon... otherwise humans'd get sucked in too. Therefore it needs some kind of baseline to recognize them with. Since Digimon are living data it wouldn't make much sense, because besides Porygon there aren't any Pokemon that can interface with a computer and BECOME data.
        I might be putting too much thought into this...
        I think I'm showing my inner nerd again.

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          Ah. XD

          Speaking of theories...there's a VERY clever crossover based video game theory, about the identity of Sans, from "Undertale". It's actually VERY clever; even if non-canon!