I'm just a little-known artist from Lithuania.

I make art that I like, or just enjoy creating ^^

I run 2 webcomics, that reside on deviantART right now ;3

I'm quite slow on new websites.

But please, don't be afraid to send me a note, a comment or anything - I won't bite, I promise ^^

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Long overdue!

on 27 October 2018 at 11:35:46 MDT

So, how many of you remember the journal I had posted a bit of time ago about an artist who had dipped without delivering on their commission?
WELL, update quite overdue, but the commission has been completed for a little bit of time now (if I recall correctly, it was around the end of August). 
However, I did not update anyone about it, the journal staying up for some extra time, basically ending up as misleading information, right?
I suppose I had my reason - I wanted to give people an update on the matter once the artist actually posted the image. Artist no longer portrayed in a bad light and at the same time, getting some extra views because I would have linked to their posted image, the perfect ending to the whole ordeal. 
... But we are here. 
It's been long after the commission had been finished and the image hasn't been uploaded yet. 
It started to feel a bit irritating that I wasn't able to show off the image that had cost me money and some nerves as well. 
And it was only my own inhibition of posting images by other artists made for me before they themselves do that was the thing keeping me from doing it. 

I posted the image(s) onto (actually the only site I feel comfortable posting art made for me on)
It has two versions, one of them can be found here:
The second version is a bit -ahem- against the rules of linking under SOME website's rules (hello deviantART) so I just won't link to it, but will mention it's incredibly easy to find (basically 2 clicks)

So yea, I hope you like the picture. 
Have a lovely day!

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