Hello there! My name is Zoey. I'm a professional interactive designer and illustrator and am currently working in the video game industry.



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on 20 July 2014 at 19:25:11 MDT


I AM CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING SMALLER COMMISSIONS! Due to an influx of commissions, contract work, and a persistent arm injury, I'm only doing smaller commissions at this time. This means nothing super complicated, no more than a handful of characters, no backgrounds, and no full body humans or super-humanized furries (that are basically humans just with a layer of fur; Kemono and animals are fine).

・゜゚・ Pricing ・゜゚・

I price each commission separately, due to varying intricacy of characters and specific details. These prices are pure estimates. Once you note me with your full description of exactly what you want, I’ll give you an exact price then.

・゜゚・ How it Works ・゜゚・

First, send me a note (either via Weasyl, DA, FA, or tumblr) with exactly what you would like (with links to references of the subject or a SHORT written description). I reply with an exact price, and I wait for your reply back to affirm the price is right. You are also more than welcome to tell me a specific drawing I made, and say you want your commission to look like that, or be in that style.

Before payment, I can give you a rough estimate of about how long your commission will take. You can still withdraw the commission at this point if you feel the wait is too long - but please, once you tell me the price and wait is acceptable, please do not back out after that.

I require payment before I begin (more info below).

Once I have completed your commission, I will send you the image however you like! You are still welcome to express concern or point out mistakes for me to touch up, free of charge.

・゜゚・ Payment method ・゜゚・

Preferred payment is Paypal. I will accept cash and cashier’s checks, however I take not responsibility in payment getting lost in the mail.

My Paypal is

As said before, I require payment before I can begin. I’m sorry, but I’ve had one too many people back out of a commission after I’ve already finished it.

・゜゚・ What I will not draw ・゜゚・

Rape, abuse, torture, guro (blood/bruises/mild to moderate injuries are fine), scat, vomit. Anything I'm not experienced with drawing, due to quality purposes.

I've really got some weird kinks and stuff myself so don't ever be embarrassed to ask. I promise you I will never judge; chances are I've got a friend who's into whatever you're into.

・゜゚・ What I will draw ・゜゚・

Just about anything. People, animals, chibis, ecchi/hentai, furry, kemono, you name it, I can probably do it.

I know I’ve said it already, but I will draw ecchi and hentai (though those prices can be a bit higher). Don’t be afraid to ask!

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Busts, chibis, small/simple animals

(A) Clean Sketch
$ 16.00
(B) Inked
$ 23.00
(C) Inked + flat colors
$ 26.00
(D) Inked + Color + Your choice of shading
$ 28.00
(E) Painted
$ 48.00

Full body - humans/furries/animals

(A) Clean Sketch
$ 22.00
(B) Inked
$ 30.00
(C) Inked + flat colors
$ 35.00
(D) Inked + Color + Your choice of shading
$ 45.00
(E) Painted
$ 70.00


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    I love your style so. so. so much. Wonderful work!

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    Your characters are absolutely precious and your art is just so adorable ;v;

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    So glad I stumbled upon your art! You're style is beautiful!

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    There are way too many adorable things in the lovely gallery, how am I suppose to take all of this cuteness.
    ; A:

    Ahhh, I really enjoy this gallery you've managed to put together, especially adore your warm and vibrant colors. u xu

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      Thank you so much! And ahhh thank you for being my first shout ever you are a gem ;w; <333

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        No need to thank me, you're the one putting in all the hard work!
        And I'm quite surprised by that actually, more people should def stop by and admire your work. u vu

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          Ahh thank you again~ I'm brand new to this site but the few days I've been here, I've really noticed how nice the community here is. So thank you for the warm welcome!