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First Day of Work [WIP] by Malachyte

First Day of Work [WIP]


3 August 2015 at 09:02:46 MDT

My otter character, Alex, is about to leave for her first day of work at a local chocolate/sweets shop (thinking of calling it "Nothin' But Truffle"). She likes to take pictures of big events like this so she can remember them for later, so she's get her phone precariously balanced on a nearby shelf to capture the moment.

I did this up as a random sketch while I was relaxing for the night, not really meaning to take it anywhere. Then I decided to finally buy a light box, and told myself this would be the drawing I used to test it out. Funny story, but I actually bought myself a light box the very same day that Toby saw one posted on Meh (a daily sale site) and bought it for me as a surprise gift. He was about to leave for work when the mail deliverer was outside with a package for me, and I said "Oh hey, that must be my light box." Toby turns around like "What the hell how did you know what was in that?!" And that's when it came to light that we'd both bought one, ha ha. Even funnier to me, it turns out the one on Meh was the very same box I ordered myself! Excellent choice of box, husband~

I'll color this eventually in my spare time, so look forward to seeing her in color one day!

Alex (c) Myself
Made with multiliner pens of various sizes, and a luscious, amazing light box.

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    Oh wow, the line art is just amazing! I thought this was a digital piece from the thumbnail : D
    Especially those straight lines fooled me, I haven't seen many artists who can pull that off.

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      Thanks! The light box really helped me get much cleaner lines without as much effort. The straight lines are all thanks to my rulers though, I can't take credit for those Xd

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    That looks super cute and light boxes are awesome :).
    -Also... the name of that chocolate shop is the perfect choice for an otter to work at XD.

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      Ha ha, thank you! I wasn't sure about the shop name, but people seem to be liking it so far.

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    look at those sexy sexy inks
    awesome job o the inks, and super cute |D

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      I was actually a bit inspired by your own inks while I was inking this, though you probably can't really tell by looking at it.

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        bold font lies!

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    You're work has certainly improved over time. This looks gorgeous :3

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    Aaaah precious otters <3 It's really nice!