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Feel the Beat - The Infinity Tube by Mad Lapine

Feel the Beat - The Infinity Tube

Mad Lapine

The second incarnation, as of July 30, 2015.

There was a bit of an evolution when tips started getting tossed at him.

I grabbed a Zeka bunny in black, put on all his latest tattoos and one or two hair pieces (by Ruby) that more or less fit, kept the eyes (just search "bold eyes"; they're very nice), found a fedora (Zonk!), grabbed a Death's Honor waistcoat t-shirt, some rave clothes, and...a leather thong. What? He's a club dancer.

Unfortunately, the Zeka bunny (black only, to my knowledge) has this unfortunate bright blue dot on the left thigh that was supposed to have been fixed some time ago. It hasn't happened. So we'll just call it a birthmark.

This cap was taken at one of Hobo's regular haunts, The Rift. I call the dance tube an Infinity Tube for a couple of reasons:

The Rift is a club located on a space ship that travels through infinite space...inside of a hollow moon...that floats off in the ether. No lie.

That and he practically lives in these things.

Don't be afraid to say "hello."

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