LBD: Tall Order by LuluAmore

LBD: Tall Order


8 February 2018 at 17:14:41 MST

So this took me a while longer than it should of (this week has been awesome for being massive pain in the ass EVERY MORNING THIS WEEK. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.)

Anywho! Got a comic strip done!

First one for Lulu's Bad Dates. An actual bad date! Woo! 

I will be getting onto the various suggestions (some I really like and they amuse me,) over the rest of the coming month, so woo.

..I like the wolf Conceirge. He's just.. so done with the situation, like, what exactly is he supposed to do to get rid of this sort of problem?!

  • I really like how the phone came out*Building entrances are hard.*Designing random background paintings is just.. I need to make a supply of them at some point, still, SPLASHY. YEAH.*Macro is totally a thing in this world and Lulu aaaaain't interested.