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Welcome to the Weasyl Page of
Tumbleweed Illustrations!
Feel free to peruse my gallery and
if you find something that you like, let me know.

Thanks for coming by and have a great one!


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Latest Journal

...Wow... [General Apology]

You know what?
I haven't been on this page in a LONG time and for that, I need to apologize.
It was both a combination of life being evil and my inability to remember that
this page existed. I need to do better and so I will.

If you have been keeping an eye on my page and have been disappointed with
the lack of activity, hit me up.
I am going to be doing Requests on this page alone BECAUSE I need to have more
activity here, so...
You wanna see me draw something?
Lay it on me!
Drop a comment below while I am post pictures!
I wanna see whatchu got!

Sorry for being gone for so long.
I dropped me phone in the toilet xD (You know I'm fibbin').
Loads of love and appreciation for you guys.
Take care!

  • Le Cocoa Tumbleweed
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    Ahh your new username reminds me of hot cocoa for some reason. XD Happy holidays / merry christmas! I hope despite the stuff going on you're able to enjoy tomorrow :)

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    G'day and thanks for the follow!