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Under Construction by Lotus O. Drake-Draelik (critique requested)

Under Construction (critique requested)

Lotus O. Drake-Draelik

“I mentioned that I would end up posting something
so that you guys would know that the Gallery is getting worked
over as well as the page. I want to make sure that I get the galleries
up to date as best I can.” -Lotus Drake

Working on my gallery.
Thanks for peeping though!

Image Information;
*Character(s) Displayed:
Lotus Drake (Artist's Original Character)

Digital Image 1280 x 1024 (72 dpi)

Intuous 4 Graphics Tablet, Paint Tool Sai

*Date of Creation:


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    Yea, sure.

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      Is it just me or do you sound like a jealous douche?
      Problem? Don't drop your hatorade to answer. I'll wait.