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Sketch Dump XVIII by LorienInksong

Sketch Dump XVIII


Only two this time! But they were a doozy to do. From left to right:

  1. Jinx Nouveau (pending a better title)- Intended to be a Birthday and/or Christmas present for deathstroke50 I unfortunately didn't get it done in time/ don't know if I'll get it done in time. But he requested a picture of Jinx from League of Legends and gosh darnit I'll get it done at some point!

  2. Lift your head Molly Grue- Drawn partly out of my adoration for 'The Last Unicorn' and as a gift for Peter S. Beagle (the author of the novel) whom I met last month at a screening of 'The Last Unicorn' the Rankin Bass film. The Unicorn herself is modeled somewhat after the cartoon version, with some nods to deer and horse anatomy. But this piece is primarily about Molly Grue, as all of the floral panels represent her and her story through victorian flower language. You can read up on the details on my tumblr post here:

Fortunately the moving chaos is slowly dying down and I've got my marker table mostly set-up, so I can get back to work in earnest soon.

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