Sketch Dump XVII by LorienInksong

Sketch Dump XVII


16 October 2014 at 17:38:33 MDT

Its been a crazy week and I'm exhausted, but gosh-darnit I'm going to keep working on art anyway. (Even all the stupid texture rendering for that Discord piece, its getting there.)
So here's a sketch dump! From left to right, top to bottom.
1) Gateway- Started on Christmas/seasonal gifts early this year and this one is for MagicClam and Cervidian94, featuring their characters Lith and Kaneshia (respectively) opening a gate through the void. While wearing incredibly fancy dresses wit an incredibly fancy abstract backdrop. Inking this will take ages, honestly can't promise it'll be done in time for the holidays.
2) Senpai Noticed Me- A silly little comic I posted on tumblr, pretty self explanatory. Sorry about the cursing?
3) Powerhitter, pages 1 and 2- Speaking of silly comics... a two page one in response to my sister-in-law's writing prompts. Gonna ink and finish this at some point as well, currently its pretty darn rough so don't fret over it.

And that's what I've got.

You can see my sketches before I post them here on my tumblr~

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    Tradition dictates: Woo! Frist!

    That aside, wonderful art as always. Your backgrounds always manage to be just as amazing as the characters themselves. It's something that shows your dedication to your craft well and makes the pictures that much more impressive.

    Still in a bit of awe at you being reblogged by BoJack Horseman - 'grats.

    Looking forward to a more finished version of Power Hitter - I'll be keeping my eye out!

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      Thanks hun, you know me, always on an obsessive quest for improvement.

      Same here. It looks like they reblog all the fan-art but I'm still happy.

      XD Yeah I've gotta work on it.