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Large Ladies in Lingerie: Tina by LordDominic

Large Ladies in Lingerie: Tina


More Large Ladies in Lingerie art, in which I decided to revive and revise Tina, another underutilized demihuman character of mine.

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A spotted hyena/human hybrid girl, Tina started off as an attempt to draw Tex that went a bit wrong back in 2016, but I decided to roll with. I never did really find much to do with her as a character, not to mention I honestly felt a bit awkward trying to portray a black character without them looking either too generic or too stereotypical (this is due to me just sucking at drawing humanoids in general), but I decided to give her another shot in 2023.

Of particular note is me finally making some subtle attempt to actually define lips on humanoid characters, and the conversion of the hyena spot pattern into freckles--I think overall, she came out looking quite lovely, and is honestly quite encouraging in terms of practicing drawing humanoid characters more.

Still not entirely sure what to do with her as a character, though... for now, she's probably fine remaining a secondary/supporting/background character, just being present, and as time goes on I will probably get ideas for what to do with her based on the random scenarios I put her in--that's how a few of my other characters developed from "one off" or "background character" status into something more memorable!

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    One of your best if you don't mind me saying. I really like the way you have the eye brows which you used to say you struggled with as well as the lips / chin. I'd never really considered the race of your anthro characters before, if you asked I would say my all time favorite Angelo was olive skinned and Barry posted 1st April is definitely black (unless you say otherwise - but he is) I can't quite see how your style would work with Afro hair but there are a lot of darker skinned people around without Afro and who other than the artist should say what a human animal hybrid should look like. Then you get people like me, when I had more hair it was slightly Afro, in the winter you would say I was completely white, see me with a tan and you wouldn't be so sure, I probably have some Moorish ancestor if you go back a few generations

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      Thank you very much! I've been trying to practice humanoid characters a bit more, I still think the worst part of drawing them is drawing human noses, with ears and hair being a close second--I can never seem to get the hair to work, the way I do it on anthro characters just doesn't work on humanoids and anything else I try always comes out looking pretty terrible. Males in particular I struggle with quite a bit, with females you can take a lot of liberties with hair styles but males are just sorta expected to have a certain style, if that makes sense, and the same glorious anime mullet I draw on all of my animal characters can be shrugged off as more of a mane than anything but it just doesn't work that way with humans.

      It might be worth clarifying that Tina here isn't just a human version of an existing character, but rather, a character that is a demihuman/kemonomimi/humanoid hybrid type be default. I have given a bit of thought to how some of my anthro characters would look as humans, though! The easiest ones are my various "fursona" types as they'd just sorta look like me, meaning they'd just look like Dominic Mephitto or Nick Domnall or Jack Hawthorne, white guys with reddish-brown hair.

      I assume you're imagining Barry as black because of Barry White, but he's honestly one that I sorta imagine just being that sort of light but dark-skinned that is often described as "ambiguously brown" when they show up in cartoons (wow that wording actually seems sorta racist, but I'm sure you know the type, when a cartoon has a character whose skin tone could pass for either a white person with a tan, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, or a light-skinned black person). I think you're right about Angelo being a bit more olive-skinned, though.

      Honestly, I tend to not think about what race a character of mine would be if they were human, but that does lead to a bit of laziness where I'd just likely make them the same dominant race/ethnicity as humans in the area the animal comes from, which could be unintentionally racist at times if I wasn't careful and fly in the face of reality at other times, like how so many of my spotted hyena characters actually have Spanish names for no real reason yet spotted hyenas aren't exactly that common that far north in Africa IRL.

      This is probably as good a place to state it publicly as any, I tend to just have the anthro characters in an area adopt the same culture and customs and whatnot as humans in that area, my in-universe logic being that culture and customs and nationality are social and not biological in origin for the most part, so I have tanukis with Japanese names and pandas with names you'd see in the Himalayan Mountains area, and since foxes and wolves are pretty ubiquitous, they just sorta fit in with whatever the humans in any given area are doing. Also, I tend to favor drawing animal characters over humanoids because I don't have to navigate the minefield that is the politicization of race, since people on both ends of the political spectrum will easily get up in arms about the depiction of any race in art and I'm just bad enough at drawing humanoids that I might unintentionally make racist caricatures or the opposite, "well that's just a white person but they're Ambiguously Brown, so lazy".
      Tex is meant to be Hispanic/Native American, but through numerous failed attempts at color-matching over the years, she wound up being a warm orange color and I just sorta rolled with it because I like it and I can play that off as being a quirk of her coyote half I suppose. Then I have a donkey named Jacques Duncan for no reason aside from naming him "Jacques" originally as a pun, giving him the surname "Duncan" later on, and now I just have to justify that by saying one of his parents and/or their ancestry is from whatever passes for my universe's equivalent of Quebec or France I guess.

      I really should be putting more effort into different hairstyles, I'm really not sure how I could pull off an Afro besides just drawing a rounded shape and trying to add some texture, but maybe that's what I need to start doing in general as my current method is honestly rather limited and limiting, and I think that might be why I can never get male humanoids to look right, I'm almost compelled to give their hair that sort of, I don't even know what you'd call it, "locks"?, as I do with anthro characters. While I could easily get away with just drawing the hair as a "shape" for lack of a better word and adding in some lines for texture afterwards, it just never really looks "right" to me when I'm done.
      A couple of my black coworkers actually did have straight (or straightened) hair, though, and paying attention to that probably helped me be a bit more confident in drawing Tina with long straight hair as well.

      Ugh, then I'd have to actually put effort into drawing necks and ears and shoulders... maybe I just need to draw all the humans with hooded sweatshirts and jackets, or robes and cloaks, or full-body suits of armor like knights and/or Stormtroopers.
      (That might not necessarily be a problem, as I like drawing soldiers and stuff, and I did like the look of the Clonetrooper armor in the Star Wars prequels quite a bit and it was a major influence in how I draw body armor now.)