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Country Girl by LordDominic

Country Girl


Just some cute art featuring Brie, the country cow girl, since I haven't drawn her full-body in a while.

I decided to update her fashion sense slightly, giving her a more "country" or "farm girl" vibe.

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Finished Mar 31 2023.

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    I really like this one so don't take this as a negative comment but her cloths are too pristine. There should be a bit of dirt here and there and a bit of baler twine hanging out of a pocket because if duct tape don't baler do

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      No offense taken!

      Maybe she's just starting her day, or better yet, has the day off? Maybe this is her Sunday best and she's off to spend some time in town soon...

      While she lives in the country, I have some older art of her in a rawhide bikini of some sort with stockings, and one of those drawings features her leaning against the wall in what looks like some sort of roadhouse or bar because I thought it would be fun to have her work as a waitress or server in some sort of roadhouse-meets-Hooters sort of environment.
      (Now -THAT- might be worth a redraw in the future...)

      Overall, I guess I've always imagined her as coming from a farmer family, but working in an environment besides a farm (for the most part, at least, and she's not afraid to get behind the wheel of the tractor or grab the toolbox if needed, of course!), like the little market by the four-way stop that passes for the only real landmark in "town", or the aforementioned roadhouse and bar by the highway.

      Thanks for giving me an opportunity to ramble about the lives of yet another one of my characters.

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    Any time I get some "rambling" back that's mission accomplished.

    She looks too classy for Hooters but I guess so do a lot of the people working there when not at work. She'd make a great waitress, people working with / serving food should be a little on the chubby side, a waitress needs to look like she enjoys the food, would you trust any establishment where the staff were significantly thinner than the customers, it says either we see what goes on here and we don't eat it or worse we eat here and it's not doing us any good.

    It's a long time since I've been in the sort of "town" you describe, England doesn't seem to have them anymore we are too crowded, I saw a lot in New Zealand about 30 years ago, four houses, a dairy as they call a a village shop or as I think you say market and a chain saw shop ALWAYS, they appear to be compulsory before you're allowed any more houses or a pub, just occasionally you get a huge Farmers supermarket with a car park the size of Lichtenstein, looks really odd with nothing else for miles in any direction till you realize everyone for thirty miles shops there Saturday morning - it can't be quite like that but it's how I chose to remember it.

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      And any time I don't miss a comment, forget to reply, and/or accidentally delete something I meant to reply to, and actually manage to reply in the same year, is mission accomplished!

      Given my recent fascination with drawing these poses where a character is leaning against something (since I hate drawing hands!), a redraw of Brie in her leather cowgirl bikini getup might be worth a shot! My recent invasion, err, special artistic operation, of Inkbunny has me going through The Archives once again and it might be interesting to revisit the theme, even though I never gave it much thought originally. Maybe I'd swap out the bottoms for some booty shorts or a very short skirt, but the idea of a roadside bar that's "Hooters but Wild West" seems kinda fun.

      While Brie seems like a fairly classy lady (or as classy as a redneck cow can be), a majority of my art of her has her wearing little more than a bra and panties (be that in the form of underwear or a swimsuit) and she's never been shy about this, so I imagine her she'd be confident and comfortable working in an environment where being scantily clad is part of the job--hell, maybe I could work it into her character that she took the job because it gives her an excuse to cut loose a bit, when normally she's a bit more reserved and not the type you'd expect to take such a role.
      I guess to clarify, this is the outfit/scene in question:
      Now that I know how proportions work a bit better, and I have 8 or so years' more experience under my belt, I could probably hit this out of the park!

      (Kinda brain fogged worse than usual lately, hopefully I rambled a good ramble that makes sense, tl;dr "cowgirl might enjoy being a waitress at the skimpy cowgirl restaurant precisely because the concept conflicts a bit with her characterization".)

      I also plan to pair her up with my retired fursona Kelvin Oxley, he's fun to draw, and maybe an instance where he's in need of a job and joins Brie for some scantily-clad waitstaff adventures could be fun. Would definitely be a good excuse to draw the sort of gay stuff I like to draw, with the sort of "the girlfriend is the more outgoing one" dynamic I like to portray in relationships. Now I'm imagining my ox-self in a short leather vest and briefs looking like a gay cowboy, a hunk of beef so hot it cooks itself.

      Kinda wish it wasn't so impractical (and suspicious) to just stop the car and take pics of things--I'd love to get some shots of the exact sort of town I'm describing, there's a couple relatively nearby! There's a lot of other stuff I'd love to photograph for use as backgrounds for art, I'd still love to get a proper deer crossing sign for Buck to pole-dance on, one of those "no parking" signs that's a P with the red NO circle and slash thing through it to draw a critter marking as their territory, a more diverse set of shorelines to draw fat redneck critters posing by, the list goes on...