Vicky's Mom is Flaming Hot! by LordDominic

Vicky's Mom is Flaming Hot!


29 April 2019 at 16:31:49 MDT

2017 art.

Some of my watchers know of little Vicky, that kindergarten-age fox I draw from time to time... but despite being one of my first 10 or so established characters, she managed to go 14 years without me designing any parent or guardian for her.

Meet Victoria.

Based off my old Geoterra Project artwork from the mid-2000s, Victoria is showing off two traits I really began to neglect in this race as time went on--multiple tails, and fire magic. The flames are a bit more "ghostly" than truly fire in most instances, but should they be needed for combat rather than merely to dazzle and mesmerize, things can heat up pretty quickly.

As for the multiple tails, it's the result of my limited exposure to Japanese influences through pop culture and my weeaboo friends back in high school. I recall my small collection of Pokemon cards, and in particular the Pokemon Ninetales, being one of my inspirations as well.

Originally, all the adult female Geoterran foxes (both the feral and anthro variants) featured multiple tails, including Portia, who originally had 2-3 tails in older art before I phased them out for some reason I don't recall.

Anyways, for purposes of retconning, I'll just dismiss the question of extra tails as a simple variation, with some examples (like Portia) just never growing the additional tails. It's also a female-only trait, so we won't be seeing a five-tailed Domingo any time soon.

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