Grandma by LordDominic



25 April 2019 at 20:03:23 MDT

2017 art.

A Red Panda grandma, because why not?

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    I LOVE HER!! I bet she knits the best fucking sweaters

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      I need to draw this lady again sometime!

      Wow, I never even considered knitting as a hobby for her, but it's so obvious! She's probably a bit small and short to do much cooking, which is fine because cooking is the *obvious* grandma activity.

      I had no idea there were people that actually appreciated "grandparent" characters, maybe I need to do more elderly characters and wholesome stuff instead of my usual cringe fuel.

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        Honestly I love grandma characters, as long as they're not the racist shitty type grandmas obviously lmao
        I just think the idea of a sweet old lady who is kind and bakes and knits is so wholesome, it's like drinking hot chocolate because it makes you feel all warm inside

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          No I don't want the cranky racist ones either! "Ornery" can be fun though. She doesn't strike me as that sort, though.

          In fact, she kinda reminds me of one of the regulars (I haven't seen in almost a year at this point, she was 89 last I remember so... RIP?) that would come in, and get five hamburgers with only pickle. Apparently she'd put them in her fridge and that would feed her for a week. She was definitely small enough. She'd kinda stick her tongue out and stuff too sometimes, like she was trying to mess with dentures I guess?

          Not sure Red Pandas eat hamburgers, though.

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    Oh that's too cute <3