Original Character Donut Steal (2014) by LordDominic

Original Character Donut Steal (2014)


14 March 2019 at 15:29:27 MDT

2014 art.

Since the description on the original submission page is perfect, might as well just copy and paste:

Garrett is my OC and he is copyright to me !!!1!!one!!shift+1!! Do not steal!!

Yeah, I couldn't resist using that pun as a title for this once it came time to add a title. Sorry.

Garrett is the "superstar" of the precinct, but that's not too hard when the only other police officer character I draw with any regularity is Rufus, his bumbling partner. Personality-wise he is disciplined, loyal and a bit stubborn. His time in the military left him with a strong sense of duty, and while he tends to act rather professional while on the job, he does have a sense of humor and a bit of a soft side that comes out at times.

And, as it turns out, he DOES have a bit of a weakness for doughnuts, but heaven forbid Rufus catches him eating them, as Garrett often scolds Rufus for eating so much junk food. What makes it even worse is that he's always taking them from Rufus' desk when he's not looking... Let's just hope this isn't the time he finally gets caught!

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    Day 5 at the station. The chief strolls by and sees Garret by the doughnuts, then gives him 'the look' when he's a foot and a half away. Garret then goes, "Whaaaaat??? You accuse ME of stealing doughnuts!? How absurd! I don't STEAL any doughnuts. I just . . . taste test them, that's all, yeah." awkward silence "Oh, hey, isn't that Mr. Catsby Whiskers climbing the tree again?"

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      Hey, that's actually pretty spot-on!
      "Taste testing... for contraband. Have to make sure this white powder is sugar and not drugs! Yep, not drugs..."
      Either that, or drag his partner into this... "I'm just worried about Rufus putting on too much weight, it's not healthy! I'm just... helping with his dieting, is all."
      Can't fight crime and pursue criminals when your partner gets winded just getting out of the patrol car, after all.

      They've even got a go-to distraction! Their nemesis, a bumbling raccoon burglar named Charley McDermott, who provides ample job security.