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"Feeding" by Lone Companion


Lone Companion

2 September 2014 at 03:37:33 MDT

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    RIP Lego man!

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    LMAO! its the lighting that makes this all the more better.

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    That soft light really makes it. And keeps the grim demise of Mr. Lego in our imaginations!

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      Thank you! It's just printer paper over the clamp light in the background, because printer paper was what I had nearby. I have a more elaborate piece of paper on the light behind the throne. It has a gold-coin like texture to it. When I was putting that comp paper over the light I was remembering you showed me, when we were taking picts in the barn, how to alter the effect of the flash on a camera, with a piece of paper. Lighting is fun to play with and pretty easy to do and pretty inexpensive. I have different colored bulbs, especially red as those are my preferred lighting color in a room. But its seeming like using variously colored/white filters of varying opacity, in conjunction with these relatively cheap clamp lights, makes a lot more lighting options than with the colored bulbs without filters. This cuts down on glare, as with the alterations to the effect of the flash and the camera.

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        Yes, there are a lot of white and offwhite papers or other materials to place over lights to control and shape the light. You can add light tracing paper over the colored bulbs as well, or better still add colored paper over white bulbs, just make sure the paper is thin and allows light through.