[GIF] Showoff by Lollie

[GIF] Showoff


12 April 2014 at 23:00:28 MDT

Bastard floating cube thinks it's better than me, fuckin' showoff.

Quick test with Plexus, just figuring out how it works!

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    Show it who's boss!

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      I'll give that cube what for!

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    This is REALLY COOL, whoa. * 3*

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    You know, I'll say that this is a really REALLY cool picture and it's really stylized, and I love it... But you know I really wanna just moosh that cute face of yours there. :D

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    I thought this was good, until I noticed the change in light and corresponding squint when the fidget-cube gets too close, whereupon I upgraded it to great :) Love attention to detail.

    Have you ever tried Processing? I've had some fun recently generating geometrical doohickies with it.

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      I've looked over Processing a few times, but haven't actually tried to dive into it. I've seen a lot of great visuals come out of Processing though, it's really impressive.

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    Oh woah, I was actually looking at Plexus the other day. This is really cool and ugh those tiny details you add to his brow when he squints nnnn matt you're very good at things

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    WHAT A RUDE (but cool) CUBE >:O

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    That's more than a cube... there must be infinite energy in there!