Heashot badges for Binky / Karma by Lockian

Heashot badges for Binky / Karma


8 January 2016 at 09:49:39 MST

Just going to take a moment here to tell you a story.
So, I ran away from home when I was 12, I left my mother and went to live with my father, I left my abusive past and family behind, I tried contact with my mother but it broke apart, I no longer wanted nor had any contact with her for the last few years. I started running the North Wales Furmeet's when I was living with my father in North Wales, I also attended other meets & before every meet I would always have nightmares (still do) that either my exes or family would show up, it wasnt just furmeets it was everywhere, if I would see someone who looked like them I would feel panicked. I'd been fretting about it for years, and then one day, my nightmares became real.
On Halloween when organising a meet, my mother turned up, she had been using social media to stalk my whereabouts and knew about my recent ankle injury, she even recognised my suit. I had worked so hard to build my life back up, to work past everything, attend furmeets and live my life even with that fear. My whole world broke apart in that moment, she handed me letters from my child bonds, and as I turned to put them in my bag, Karma, one of the other organisers and like a sister to me asked if I was okay. I shook my head and broke down in her arms. In the middle of my event, I broke down sobbing, shaking, a complete mess, I never turned around to see my mothers reaction, but both Karma, and Binky held me as I cried, took me outside to get away from it all, and were just, the best people I could ever hope for in that siltation, and since.
Artwork will never come close to thanking them for looking after me, thanking them for being there for me when I needed someone, and just being amazing human beings. Its a start though, and I feel I need to do something to repay them, and I know they will be there for me in the future when I am strong enough to organise the meets again, as right now im broken, im struggling to attend meets I dont even organise.
This is my story, and my thank-you to these lovely people.
(c) Lockian 8/01/2016