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Hello, I'm Reskell! People usually call me Resk for short, I've been in this fandom since around 2009? Its taken me that long of drawing pretty much every day to get me to the stage I am at now ^-^
My artist name is Lockian, which is a combination of Sherlock and Whovian, I am a massive fan of doctor who and I do adore Sherlock, the Guy Ritchie movies are my favorite movies, period! :D
My Weasyl is mostly for my art uploads & occasionally fursuit related, follow my fursuiting twitters! @pumpkingoat / @squirrelharvey / @tolcocheetah That last twitter needs updating, bare with me! :D
My characters tab has all of my ref sheets, clean fan art is massively appreciated, for NSFW things, message me and I will tell you which characters are okay to use for that! :) Art trades? Drop me a note and ask! :D I take them on a case by case basis of if I like your artwork / your character or feel motivated to want to do an art trade, do not take it personally if I turn you down, I'm usually too busy to do them! ^_^
I should be opening for Commissions once I have cleared my que, so that should only be a few weeks hopefully!
No flirting, I do not RP, however im open to make friends and chat! My telegram is: @Reskell add me! Thanks for reading! :3

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on 26 September 2017 at 15:24:14 MDT

Apologies for the slow uploading speed, trying to rectify that!
If you want to keep up to date with my art, consider becoming one of my patrons, there are fabulous rewards and i've already put up tonnes of posts on there for you to enjoy!

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Headshot Badge
£ 15.00
add  Add a bow to make the character have hair bows/a bow tie, with a real bow!
£ 2.00
add  Upgrade to a full body badge!
£ 5.00


A5 full body single character piece, fully coloured!
£ 15.00
add  +£15.00 again for each additional character! (max 3 characters!)
from £ 15.00
to £ 30.00

Commissions are currently closed till further notice!


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    Thanks for the follow, Lockian!

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      My pleasure! <3

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    Thank you so much for following me~<3

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    Hello hello, Nice to meet you lockian (I'm the Guy with the skeleton character), like i said, you have got a Nice suit, and your gallery is good. Keep up. :)

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      (Really sorry for the late response!) Hey there! I remember you dont worry, got chatting to you at CF, thanks for leaving me a shout, your art is cool as hell as wells! thanks for the kind words <3

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    It's the one at the bottom C:

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      Protected account, baaaaaaahh, I will trust that it looks adorable <3

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        I'll bring my badge to a meet C: so that you can see ^.^