Flower Child, Headshot badge: Midori by Lockian

Flower Child, Headshot badge: Midori


4 March 2015 at 11:50:29 MST

This is a composite of two images, one taken with a flash, and one without, to show the difference of how a camera captures colour's and clarity, the one with the flash has the correct colours, but on the one without (right) you can see more of the details, this is also to help keep down theft.
Flower child badge for WolfElysia of there character: Midori the wolf dragon.
The flowers are daisies and sunflowers, I tried to keep with the characters colour scheme for the flowers :D
Little story about this one, Midori was the first fursuit that I ever saw in person, its a wonderful costume from Kloofsuits, and was the first suiter to hug me as well, because of that I have a special bond with the suit and design, and its also a lovely design as well of course! :D The suit has recently been re-made by MadeByMercury: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/madebymercury/ (photos of the suit will be uploaded soon!)
Elysia said that she did not have any or many badges to wear with her new suit of Midori, so I hopped too it and decided to make her one as a very special gift, its also because she is allowing me to wear the suit at the next Manchester furmeet next weekend!! (I am over the moon exited about such!!) so I decided to make her a badge as my way of paying her back for that and saying thank-you!!
I hope to eventually open up commissions for flower child badges, they take an awfully long time and a lot of work, so they will not be cheap, and will be a while before I open for commissions again, but if you would like one, please comment! I would love to know of any interest for these :D
(c) Lockian 4/3/2015