Three NEW Fursuit Spray scents! by LobitaWorks

Three NEW Fursuit Spray scents!


31 March 2017 at 22:39:53 MDT

I am proud to announce three brand-new scents of fursuit spray are joining our product line!

First off is Salty Dog, label art featuring Matrices! This is the perfect smell if you love the scent of soggy kelp and dead fish. That combined with that unique aroma of wet dog fur makes this spray truly special!

Second new addition is Faux Twenty, featuring my friend Laila's caracal character. This spray is PERFECT if you want to smell like pot but you're too square to smoke. Come on, buy a bottle... everyone's doing it! Dank!

Third is the ever-classic Furry Trash, featuring Synchra's opossum character Gwen! When you feel like a hot mess, you should SMELL like one too, and this spray lets you do exactly that. Elements of moldy banana and rotten meat combine with overtones of damp mildewy wood to create an authentic imitation of a garbage dump on a sunny day.

These fursuit sprays are coming to my shop SOON, so look forward to it! Which scent are you most excited for?

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    10/10 furry trash, gotta go with the classics.

    These gave me a good laugh, and the artwork being so well done and adorable makes it even funnier due to the contrast :'D Great work!

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    Hahah! These are hilarious and fun, but I truly hope I don't have a con roomie who uses them. XD But hey, extra points for creativity!

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    I probably don't need a spray to make me smell like dank, but I WILL BE GETTING THIS. I WANT ME SOME FAUX TWENTY.

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    I have a feeling this is a April fools joke ;3

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    I think I would LOVE to smell like low tide, really! Like surf and the ocean and life.