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on 1 November 2015 at 14:25:17 MST

"I'm higher than the feather in god's hat!" - "The Herb Dragoness", 2015

Hello, one and all! So, it's been a while since I updated the journal section. Allow me to do so!

firstly, I want to wish blessings of the herb upon those of you on my watch list that partake, and hope our lady Cannabis keeps you in high spirits. May her holy smoke enlighten you, always.

the main reason for this update is to inform those on my watchlist that I have a series of commissions coming out that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Along with this, there is some for-fun artwork that'll be completed after the paid works are done and completed! My priorities are to get a long awaited commission done with, so as to keep the commissioner waiting and windering, and I apologize to the specified commissioner that it has taken so long!

I have commissions for the following people, either on Weasyl, FA, or otherwise:

Alkain - Reference sheet, $60 trade commission
Canvas - Bust badge, $10
Traxx - Bust badge, $10 - Chibi style

All of the specified commisions above have been paid in full, and are being worked on as I speak.


So, as some of the furs in the Minnesota area may already know, I attend the biweekly furmeets located in Minnesota, and I know a few people who may want to come and havpng out with me. I want to let you all know that I am a very approachable fellow, and do not mind meeting new furs! I have a strong interest in vaping nowadays, so any furs who are also cloudchasers will be met with great interest. Obviously, if anyone is also interested in Cannabis as much as I am, that is also a plus! I ask though that people not just come up and hug me out of the blue, but first introduce yourself and allow me to get to know you. Break the ice! say hey, and (more often than not) I'll be more than happy to strike up a conversation with you. ❤️

anywho! That is all for now. I will be attending the furmeet on November 7th, and I hooe to see some of you there!

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