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Changeling Tale - Jessie's Complete Story Released by Little Napoleon

Changeling Tale - Jessie's Complete Story Released

Little Napoleon

Jessie's big finale is now in Early Access for all Patrons! We made this chapter as big and chock full of content as we could. This build also includes Bairds Compendium, a spicily illustrated encyclopedia of myths and transformations of Celtic inspiration.

With Jessie's story done, that just leaves Grace's last chapter remaining before the inaugural launch of Changeling Tale! We already have quite a head start on it, so be sure to follow us on Patreon for updates and sneak peeks.

Changeling Tale now has a store page on Steam, and we'd be very grateful if you'd add the game to your Wishlist, if you're at all interested in it. You can do so here:

>> <<

If you haven't played the game yet and enjoy TF, be sure to check out the trailer and the demo in the links above!

Thank you so much to everyone who plays and supports Changeling Tale. We couldn't do it without you!


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    Yeah, a she wolf is very pissed right there. Nothing scarier than an Irish woman and even more so a pissed off Irish werewolf woman. Still love her though; she's the best and good girl out of the three sisters.