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Attack on YouTube and other problems

on 25 July 2020 at 16:24:56 MDT

While I may have gotten justice for this guy:
And his dumb journal that now nobody is going to believe more problems have accorded.

First of all one of my pieces was taken down due to being "Traced" which btw I never do, I look up references and things online but it's all drawn by me and others agree. I have gotten so much better and everyone but haters and trolls can see this. Then on top of that there's more.

Thanks to a dumb person they have led me to an awful YouTuber here:

Now I have to deal with this person and all of his (I can say that because the guy talks), his cult following of other cowardly trolls. So listen up. The people clearly aren't supportive. Clearly they will tear anyone down. And clearly they have nothing better to do in these troubled times. So I'm telling you if you see these people anywhere get as far away as you can. Especially since now it seems they may be stalking and trying to find out about me. And also with what they are doing is something I can't stand.

Examples of his "Streams" where they fucking try to tear me down:

So I tell you now Moonhorse and your cult following. You keep this up and you will see just how nasty I can be. And you will see how far I have come as I keep uploading more. Attack me and my YouTube channel but you are getting to the point of threatening and harassing. That isn't cool. SO knock the shit off.

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