(cover) The Frog Prince - Keane by Lilyness

(cover) The Frog Prince - Keane

(cover) The Frog Prince - Keane


22 November 2014 at 18:10:20 MST

Simple cover of one of my favourite songs. I adore this song and it was something I felt I couldn't do justice... however, I decided to go for it after a very unproductive year with little art/music. I didn't want overdo this, I simply wanted to enjoy it. I am sure there are flaws, there usually are, but I desperately want to love my creative hobbies again so I feel I need to let go of projects so as not to overdo them and spoil them.

This is a beautiful song by Keane from their early album Under The Iron Sea. I decided to play the piano for this and add some pretty strings (Violin, Cello and Bass) in the final chorus for a bit of a crescendo. Some Alto choir in there to pad it out too, but it's subtle... and finally two harmonies that are a little hidden in the background.

Thank you very much for listening!

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    This is very lovely. You did an excellent job on it.

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      Thank you so much for your feedback and for taking time to listen... means a lot :3!