(original) - Yearning - by Lilyness

(original) - Yearning -

(original) - Yearning -


28 November 2014 at 14:27:15 MST

" There was a point in time where our worlds collided, crossed and entwined.
I felt myself smile more where I had previously lost the will to try
Hand in hand, we confronted adversity where, alone, we would have faltered
Through your eyes I saw my own worth like never before
Your voice, your touch, your companionship allowed me to heal when I was damaged.

Sadly the passing of time has been unkind to us
I've forgotten the good you did me and I know it is the same for you
I miss you, but can no longer look behind me
I move forward and continue to grow and learn
From the mistakes I made with you

But, in moments like this, I feel the ache of yearning in my heart
that reminds me of your existence and the value it once had."

This isn't a serious piece... more so, it is the result of a tough week and a pensive mood. For some reason I've felt low and this just "happened".

It's messy, just like my thoughts this week... and was done simply by letting my heart speak. It's more a collection of sounds that worked for the emotions I wanted to portray rather than anything groundbreaking music-wise.

Thought it would nice to post something up here. Added an unedited piece of writing to accompany it.`Hopefully it's enjoyable for its simplicity and emotion.

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    .. I think this is a very beautiful song. I listened to it 4 times in a row .. <3

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    and I actually wanted to comment the text too, but .. I can't find the words ^^

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    It is fairly good at evoking an emotion or two. It's a hauntingly interesting melody. Definitely something that sticks with you.

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    I hope you finish it :3 It sounds beautiful so far <33