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An Office 50 by Lichinthesystem

Leaning back in his chair Nomad yawned deeply, fangs glinting as he stretched. Muscle pulsed beneath striped fur as he reached up with his fingers interlocked, begining to cramp after hours of typing. Getting up from his seat Nomad left his computer for the watercooler resting by the wall across the room. Passing cubicles of other workers the tiger therian adjusted the purple tie around his neck as he walked. While most paid him no mind, some gave him a friendly wave before returning to their work. Though he'd only started working at the company days ago he'd begun to recognise some of their faces.

Taking a paper cup from the pile Nomad flipped the switch and waited, tapping his foot adsently as crystal clear water poured from the tap.

"Ah Nomad! Good evening!" A voice boomed behind him, almost making him spill his water on the carpeted floor in surprise. Turning around Nomad came face to chest with his boss.

Gyumao was a bull transient with cedar brown fur coating a towering body of pure muscle, easily standing an extra foot taller than Nomad without his horns. Being the founder and CEO of the venture capitalist company his wealth and status was almost as massive as his stature. Yet he smiled sheepishly as Nomad turned, rustling the crimson hair crowning his head. "Oh, sorry man, didn't mean to startle you."

"Its fine, sir," Nomad sighed, thankful his drink had stayed in hand. "I just didn't hear you come up. Do you need anything?"

"No, I just wanted to check in and see how you're settling in. It's not everyday someone with as expansive a resume as yours come along." He said patting his shoulder with a weathered hand. "And don't worry about formalities, we're all friends here!"

"Sure... But yeah, I'm doing fine."

"Good to hear!" Gyumao grinned resting his hands on his hips, the fabric of his ash grey suit buckling under his weight. "Then I won't keep you too long. Before I go though, we're throwing a party here friday night. Feel free to drop by if you're free that evening." Nodding with a thank you Nomad returned to his desk, filing investment requests as he thought.

Nomad was detective, owning an office in Shinjuku. Unfortunately for both him and the office jobs were few and far between and bills weren't cheap, forcing him to take on odd jobs around the city to keep the lights on. What at first was a way to stay open became an endless cycle, with him contantly running around working part time and the office staying closed longer and longer. It had gotten to the point where friends joked about him being more a chef or security guard than a private eye. He'd deny it everytime, only to be met with laughter and jabs at his careers expense. Eventually he'd had enough, finally deciding to rethink his strategy.

With so much experience he knew noone would turn him away, so all it took was some fishing for him to find an easy job that paid enough for him to meet his goal in a year. It was sheer happenstance he found a position at Gyumaos company, but one he couldn't pass up. If he was frugal, which he always was, he'd gather enough savings to be in the green long after quiting. Long enough for him to get his office off the ground and turn it into a proper agency. Considering he didn't plan on staying long, part of him wanted to keep some distance. Getting friendly and partying with the people here would only make leaving unneccisarily awkard.


His train of thought halted as he winced, his belly growling hungerly. Resting a hand over his flat midsection Nomad felt the ridges of his abs beneath his red button up as he rubbed his empty gut. How long had it been since he last had a proper meal? The promise of microwaved dinner only soured his mood as he returned to work. It wouldn't hurt anyone if he did go to the party, would it? He was invited by one of the richest men of Tokyo afterall. It'd be rude if he didn't. And besides, it'd be nice getting to eat actual food for once.


Riding to the building on his bike Nomad walked up the steps wearing his usual outfit, a leather jacket and light shirt with black pants. He'd worn such attire at plenty of parties before without issue, so he hoped it wouldn't cause a stir.

Opening the doors Nomad was welcomed by a wave of sound, music filling the air above the crowd of workers. The floor once a maze of cubicles was now open aside from the odd circular table and what appeared to be a vegas style buffet to the side. The foods scent mixed together, impossible to separate or identify but mouth watering all the same.

By one of the windows Gyumao stood talking with a group of three, wearing a white and caramel striped shirt with tan slacks.

Weaving through the crowd Nomad found himself drooling at the banquet laying infront of him- skewers with pork, beef and chicken sat next to a platter of grilled salmon and springrolls. Tempura and fried chicken shone like gold infront of a bowl of gyoza, the dumplings still steaming. Grabbing a plate and utensils Nomad towered a sample of everything on it before pouring himself a glass of punch.

The food was as good as it looked, cruching under tooth and melting on his toungue with every bite. The seasoning lingered in his mouth as he indulged, thankful the music hid his moans of pleasure. Sipping from his glass was like drinking in the jungle night, dulling all but his sense of taste. Drunk on the flavour and booze he didn't hesitate having seconds and thirds, stopping before the forth only to get another drink. By the end of the night his belly jutted out several inches, his belt digging in and squeezing out belches as he staggered home in the late night.


In the changing room of the Berserkers colosium Nomad stood infront of his locker, in the middle of changing when Macan walked in. Taller and wider than most standing seven feet tall and bearing a subtle musclegut the tiger was far from the brightest, but still the unchallenged champion of the guild. Knowing him personally, Nomad wasn't surprised when Macan sat on the bench facing him rather than going to the showers or his own locker. Not that he ever used it, considering he only ever wore loincloths and his belt of junglw flowers.

"Great fight back there bro! First time you've gone all out like that in a while."

"Thanks." Nomad said, growling as he struggled with his pants. He wasn't sure what he did wrong, but the damn things shrank in the wash, now clinging to his body like a second skin. Pulling with more strength than he'd like to admit they finally slipped over his thighs and rump.

"So.... How come you aren't coming to the gym anymore?" Macan asked. "I miss doing the rounds with you. And now Claude's shutting down the arena! It feels like I never see you anymore." Nomad rolled his eyes.

"Quit being dramatic you big oaf. The arena's just being rennovated, you'll be back up there smashing skulls in a couple weeks. And it's not like you can't bother me while I'm out protecting the guilds portals."

Hearing that Macans eyes lit up with a dopey grin.

"So you're not avoiding me?"

"We both know I couldn't if I tried. I'm just busy with work. I can't keep with that, guild duties and excersize." He explained as he slid on his belt. "So I'm putting it on hold till I'm done there."

"Right! That makes sense!" He laughed before frowning, his brow furrowed in thought. "You've been in Roppongi for a while now right? How much longer are you working there?"

"Until New Years, if everything goes smoothly."

"New Years? But that's so far away!" He whined. "I want to hang out now though!"

"Too bad," Nomad shrugged " you'll just have to be patient."

"You can be really mean sometimes you know."

"And for someone so big you can be a real crybaby Macan."

Leaving the guild building Nomad hopped onto his bike and revved the engine, taking the odd short cut back to his place. Though he couldn't hear it over his bike and the sea of traffic Nomad could feel his stomach rumble, eager to refill after the fight. He had gone harder than he usually did. Luckily for him the company was having a dinner not far from his apartement. All paid for by the big boss himself. The party may have only been a couple weeks ago, but he wasn't about to turn down free food- especially when it was from some of the best restaurants in town.


One month later Nomad was getting ready to leave his apartement, keys in hand as he pulled on his leather jacket. Grunting in surprise he fought with the jackets belt, unable to get the buckle to clasp in the usual hole. "What the hell?"

Rushing into the bathroom Nomad looked in the mirror inspecting his reflection. Turning to the side he blinked in surprise, staring at bulge of his once flat stomach. Lifting his shirt he found his abs missing, replaced with the soft surface of a round belly resting over the rim of his pants. Lifting his shirt further Nomad checked his chest, tentatively squeezing one of his firm pecs. "Must just be some bad water weight. It's gotta be..." He frowned, uncertain if water weight was supposed to look so plush.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, warning him he was about to be late. Sucking it in Nomad closed his jacket and ran out the door, locking it behind him.

Gyumao had spared no expense preparing for his companys anniversary, having rented out a large venue in the middle of the city. Inside classical music could be heard as guests gossiped. Balloons of various shades of red, orange and yellow bounced against the ceiling in tune with the music. A hemicycular stage bathed in stagelights while the rest of the hall was dimly lit, the odd hanging lamp giving a cozy atmosphere.

Walking in Nomad slowly merged into the crowd, worry of his 'bloat' escaping him as the night went on. Congratulations and cheers filled the room, clinks of glasses ringing like wind chimes.

Finding Gyumao at the food bar Nomad waved as he was hit with the smell of thousands of spices, richer and stronger than anything he'd smelt before. "Hey boss, congratulations on making it another year." Turning in surprise Gyumao grinned, chuckling at his own reaction.

"Thank you Nomad! But really, I didn't do much." He said "None of this would've happened without my employees. Speaking of, congratulations yourself for making employee of the month."

"Thanks, but I didn't do anything special. Just did my job."

"Incredibly well, considering you've only been here for a couple months. Honestly, I see big things ahead of you here-"


Before he could continue a loud growl erupted from his stomach, surprising both transients. Patting his gut gyumao laughed.

"Oh, pardon me! My apologies, but I suppose that's what I get for lingering next to the best food money can buy." Grabbing two plates he passed one to Nomad before collecting food for himself, a collection of salad, battered mushrooms and other vegitarian cuisine. "I'm right assuming you'll want a plate, yeah?" Nomad nodded, taking a hearty sniff.

"Smells too good to pass up." Licking his lips Nomad scanned the array of food, nabbing a little bit of everything the table had to offer. There were staples of japanese cuisine along with europian and itallian dishes. He wasn't sure where to start!

The first bite left him stunned, almost choking in surprise."It's incredible!"

"Mmhhm," Gyumao hummed in agreement, licking garlic off his lips.

Savoring every bit at first, Nomad quickly scarffed down the rest of his plate. Leaning over the table he refilled his plate time and time again, his gut pushing out as it got rounder and rounder. By the fifth plate his belt began to creak, struggling to hold back the tigers swollen belly. After the seventh plate he groaned, feeling the pressure squeezing his belly as a pocket of air rushed up into his chest.

"Fu-BRRRRAAAAAPPP!!" He belched, covering his mouth with a hand as he snapped back to reality. His knees shook from the weight of the food he somehow packed into himself, struggling to breath from how tight his jacket had become. "Excuse me!" He blushed with embaressment. He was certain everyone in the building had heard him.

"Ha! Compliments to the chef, right?" Gyumao sighed, resting a hand on his own stomach-less pronounced than Nomads but clearly bloated. Staring down Nomad excused himself, sticking to the darkest parts of the room before slipping through the doors. Stepping out of sight and into the alley he gasped and moaned, fighting with the latch before it finally opened.

He nearly toppled over as his belly spilled out, lurching forward with the force of a runaway train. He stared at it wide eyed, gingerly pressing against it with a shaking hand. Now the size of a basketball he found it had no give, taunt as a balloon on the verge of bursting. A hot blush spread across his face as he squeezed with both hands, pushing out a series of belches.

"Urgh, BWWWOORP, hah... I've, Burp, urmph! Gah, really done it now." Pulling down his shirt he started walking home, deciding against taking the train as he struggled to hold back another slew of burps.


Heavy fog filled the air as Nomad stepped out of the shower dripping wet as he reached for a towel. Quickly drying his hair Nomad moved onto his body, which shook and quivered beneath the coarse cloth. He could feel each inch of his form jiggle as wrapped the towel around his waist... And under his belly.

Nomad sighed, finally looking in the mirror. He couldn't lie to himself anymore. He'd gotten fat. Very fat.

Resting a palm on his belly Nomad watched as his hand sunk slightly into the fuzzy ball of pudge, soft as a pillow and stiff as jello. Turning to the side he ran a hand down his stomachs outline. Curving out an easy foot and a half his hands dug into his under belly, watching as it began to ripple hypnotically. Tracing up from the overhang a pair of love handles loomed over his widened hips. Glancing further down Nomad found his rump fairing no better, any hint of musculature lost beneath layers of chub. The same could be said for his pecs, teetering on the edge of moob territory as they curved over his mountainous gut. Flexing an arm Nomad watched as his bicep flexed, the only remnant of his once fit and muscular form.

"Damn" Nomad huffed, cradling his gut in his arms. "This.... Doesn't feel half bad." He blushed, squishing his apidose as a crooked grin spread across his face. "I could get used to this..."

An Office 50


Tired of being the local "jack of many, ace of none" Nomad decides to settle down with a well paying job at an Investment company owned by one of the richest men in town. Along with the great pay, great food begins falling into the tigers lap and his waistline starts to suffer for it.

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