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Tezs revenge by Lichinthesystem

Hombre Tigre, a tiger man with toffee fur and white hair, rose with a yawn before the sun rose over the unseen horizon. With a drowsy smile he pushed himself out of bed and stretched,stripes twisting and distorting as he flexed his arms and legs. With noone else awake he took time enoying his shower, relishing in the hot water soaking his fur and running down his back. He whistled and shimmied, making the most of his morning privacy. By the time everyone else in the warmongers military school was up Hombre was dried and dressed, ready for whatever the day had to offer.

He had been enjoying a breakfast sandwich in the mess hall when the day offered him something he could never refuse- a meeting with the leader of the warmongers and Hombres own commander, Tezcatlipoca. Even the thought of him made his neart skip a beat, feelings of adoration and utter devotion flushing out the rest of his senses. Scarfing down the rest of his meal in a single gulp he ran to his leaders quarters, eager to fufill any desire the glorious sun of El Dorado had need of him for.

Screeching to a halt outside the door he nearly ran through, Hombre took a moment to catch his breath and steady himself, brushing off dust that wasn't there before knocking.

" Tezcatlipoca, sir! It is I, Hombre Tigre!" He shouted with a grand salute. "I was told you had need of me, so I came as fast as I could!"

"Good!" Answered a booming voice, deeper than the tigers but muffled behind the wall. "There is something important I need you to do for me, discreetly..." The voice wavered, as if unwilling to utter its next words. "Come, inside." With that Hombre heard the click of a lock and turned the knob, entering the room full of inky black smoke without hesitation.

Said smoke began to disapate after he closed the door, the air becoming crystal clear in a matter of seconds.

"What do you need me to do, sir-" Hombres jaw dropped to the floor mid-sentence, his eyes snapping wide open at what lay before him.

There on the edge of his bed sat Tezcatlipoca, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers black as his fur. Though informal, that was not what left the fervent servant flabbergasted. It was instead Tezcatlipoca himself.

The black panther was always the ideal image of a warrior king, tall and imposing, with accents of gold adorning every expertly carved and sculpted muscle. But now any trace of those features were gone, replaced with a fat mirror of what once was. His pecs were now a pair of heavy moobs resting upon a gut that took up his entire lap, a dome of chub hiding the toned six pack Hombre knew was there days before. Broad hips and thighs wide as watermelons threatened to split Tezs shorts by the seams. The familiar feature the warmongers leader had left was his face, ignoring the rounder, fuller cheeks that burned red as Hombre stared in disbeleif.

Looking away with a scowl Tezcatlipoca tried in vain to suck in his doughy middle. He knew the tiger would be confused, have questions, but this stunned silence was worst than anything he could imagine.

"O-our glorious sun, Tezcatlipoca!" Hombre stammered, struggling to find his words. "What's happened to you?!"

"I got Shennonged, thats what happened to me..." he growled with a murderous glare "That bastard fattened me up using some elixer from one of the 24 worlds. That's why I called you here."

"You want me to bring you the antidote?"

"Yes," Hombre frowned, struggling to stop his eyes from wandering back down to his belly. Every stolen glance heated the fire on his skin, the sight of its pillowy surface bringing to mind soft and supple dough. "But I also want you to use the elixer on Shennong to teach him a lesson!" With that the leopard tossed him an empty vial, its inner surface stained purple. With closer inspection Hombre saw a sigil on the vials cap, assumably what the doctor used to identify his medicine and poisons.

"And, how should I do that exactly?"

"Simple. Slip it into his coffee tomorrow morning, then bring me the antidote." Tezcatlipoca grinned, baring his fangs with sadistic pleasure.

Later that night Hombre crept along the wall, careful to duck under the window of Shennongs office. He had a room in the faculty building, but had a habit of staying the night in the infirmary only to start work at the blink of dawn. Testing the handle with a gentle twist Hombre found the door locked. Using the key given to him by his master Hombre slipped inside.

The room was empty and dark, illuminated only by the faintist glow of moonlight. In the front was Shennongs desk, numberous vials of chemicals and other worldly elixers lining the cabinet behind it. To the desks left was the infirmarys entrance, faint snoring warning Hombre that the doctor was still there. Sleeping, but one wrong move away from waking up. Walking on tip toes he made quick work nabbing more of the fattening serum, a thick purple liquid, thankful to only find 5 more vials. Next was the hard part.

Where was the antidote?

Digging through a mountain of files, papers and books Hombre eventually found a list of the elixers detailing their names, effects, and identifying symbols. He winced as he heard a creak from the infirmary, heart racing as Shennong rolled in bed.

Reading quickly he found the antidote listed on the fifth page, #45, Pudgepuffer venom antidote. Hombre snatched the six vials and left the room, careful to lock the door behind him.

The next part was shockingly easy. Though he wasn't sure how much of the serum Tez drank, Hombre was sure 3 vials would be enough. On his way back to Tezcatlipocas chambers the tiger offered Shennong the spiked coffee.

"You like your coffee black, right?" Hombre asked, hoping the taste wasn't off.

"Hmm? Oh yes!" Shennong blinked with surprise, the faintest smile creasing his lips. "Thank you, tiger. How thoughtful..." With that he took the cup and a long hearty gulp of the drink. Hombre watched him walk away taking another sip, showing no sign he noticed anything off. But there was also no sign of the fattening concoction taking effect. The doctors muscular body behind those cargo pants and tight green tank held its fit shape, making the tiger worry he mixed up the vials on accident.

Until Shennong doubled over with a heavy groan, atleast.

Dropping the sterofoam cup Shennong moaned and quivered, clutching his belly as it surged out. His exposed arms thickened and bulged, loosing definition and tightness. Lovehandles pressed agqinst the sides of his shirt and belt with his gut, now larger than his on head and too big for the tanktop to cover. Hombre watched with wonder as Shennongs body swelled, a hot blush spreading across his face with each pound the bull gained. As large as his top half was growing, his lower body was far from behind. His hips and thighs had begun to tear the once loose pants to shreads, held up by a tacticle belt squeezing Shennongs sides and threatening to burst itself. His rear had become massive, a pair of pillows too big for the seat of his pants.

Shennong had grown as big and fat as Tezcatlipoca in seconds, and wasn't slowing down. Huffing and puffing from the waves of heat flooding his body Shennong wasted no time confronting Hombre, instead rushing for his office, swelling and bloating all the while. Though now out of sight Hombre could hear his laboured breayh, and jumped at what he thought was a gunshot, but knew was the final bow of that stubborn belt.

Hombre fell into his bed with a sigh, worn out like an overworked rubber eraser. It was only noon, but it felt like the late hours of night.

After successfully giving Shennong a taste of his own medicine Hombre returned to Tezcatlipoca to give him the antidote- a thin pink liquid that bubbled like soda. Downing the drink in a single gulp Tezcatlipoca turned back into his old self in no time, flexing and crooning sweet nothings to his muscles as Hombre watched on, a part of him missing the round softness of his bosses fatter self.

With a groan he rolled over in his bed, burying his face in the pillow. He tried to push those thoughts away, but it was no use. He wanted nothing more than to know the softness of that obsidian belly, how the shining sun of El Dorado would look as his muscles were buried under pounds and pounds of fat....

....And how would it feel like, getting to grasp his bulging chest as it grew soft and heavy

How would it feel like, in those seconds of instant transformation?

It was rediculous, something he could never do to his leader. But still, the thought tempted him.

Looking back at the vials he'd left on his bedside table Hombre frowned, then reached out for one with the thick purple liquid inside. Shining like molten amythest. Rubbing his rumbling belly with one hand he opened the vial and threw back his head, swallowing it all in a single gulp.

Tezs revenge


21 April 2021 at 07:44:57 MDT

After being tricked by the Warmongers resident doctor, Shennong, Tezcatlipoca decides it's time for him to get a taste of his own medicine.

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