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Shake Up by Lichinthesystem

Deafening cheers filled the air like static as rays of lights danced overhead, spotlights twisting and turning as the crowd eagerly waited for the match to begin. The underground arena of the Ikkiburo Berserkers held some of the best fighters of the city in its roster, each infamous and beloved amongst their fans.

One, however, happened to have a gift with the crowd unlike any other.

In the east lockerroom Bathym finished preparing for his match, buckling the last strap of his boots before fiddling with one of his gauntlets. Looking himself over the purple wolf demon nodded with a satisfied smirk.

"Looking good I think! What about you babe?" He asked looking back over his shoulder to the snow leopard sitting on the bench behind him.

Lorelei scoffed, rolled their eyes at the question. Good wasn't even close to an apt description. Devilishly radiant came to mind as they looked him over, absorbing every line of muscle on his body. How the pink straps crossing over his chest, back, legs and generous rump only excentuated the pull of his figure. How cute he looked with his excited grin. How the light in his eyes outshined fireworks.

"You look stunning, hun, like always." They said. "Who ever you're fighting won't stand a chance." Bathyms smile somehow widened, a slight blush glowing on his cheeks.

"Aw, you flatter me!"

"Just telling the truth." Lorelei shrugged.

Bathym rested a hand on his hips as his tail wagged like a mad propeller. He was far from a stranger to praise, but it had all the more weight coming from his snowcat. Lunging at them Bathym laughed as Lorelei struggled to escape his bearhug, surprised squeacks turning into giggles as he began pecking their face with kisses.

A hard knocking on the door put an end to their impromptu cuddle session, Lorelei jumping in fright as Andarvis voice boomed.

"You're up in 5, get ready! Any and all visitors are gonna have to return to the stands, too."

"Phooey..." Bathym pouted. "Lorelei's hardly just a visitor anymore you know."

"Them's the rules, what do you want me to do?"

"Buzz off for one," he mumbled, looking back at Lorelei with an apologetic shrug. "We'll pick this up after I win?"

"What? After you get all sweaty?" They snorted.

"Well... If you're worried about me being sweaty, we could take it to the showers?" He proposed with a mischivous grin, reveling in the hot blush flooding Lorelei face at the thought. He could practically see the steam shooting out from their cute little ears.

"Urgh, this gonna make me sick." Andarvi groaned. "It's 3 now Bathym. Hurry up and get moving Lorelei!"

"I'll be here after the match then," they stammered, still reeling from Bathyms tease as they clamoured to gather their things. Just as they were about to open the door they snapped their fingers and rumaged through their bag, pulling out small plastic bottle. "Here," they said pushing it into Bathyms hand. "A friend suggested it, said it helps keep your strength up during a fight or something-"

"-10, 9, 8-"

"Argh, good luck your match! Break a leg!" With that they were through the door, leaving Bathym with the mystery bottle in hand. Giving it a quick shake Bathym could hear a thick liquid churn inside, making him guess it was just that. A protein shake.

Giving it a look over he couldn't gleam much else, the text written in a font that gave him a headache just looking at it. He chuckled twisting off the cap. He doubted it would actually help in his fight, but he was thirsty. Besides, it was a gift from his partner, it was the thought that counts.

Tipping back his head Bathym downed the shake in two quick gulps, pleasently surprised by the flavour.

"Huh, not bad." He mused wiping his lips. It was very thick, but went down easy. Very sweet too, almost creamy.

Just then Bathym heard his name called by the announcer, signaling his answer. Tossing the empty bottle aside he bounced on his feet before running out ready to make a show. Waving and throwing kisses to the audience the wolf was engulfed by the cheers of the crowd, drowning out the sudden odd gurgling of his stomach.

Sauntering up to the ring with a spring in his step Bathym sized up his opponents, barely listening to the announcer. Both were large and imposing, almost dinosaur like in appearance with earth toned scales and vibrant feathers adorning their heads and forearms. The one on the left was on the shorter side but bursting with muscle, his calves and biceps bulging at rest. The one on the right was about Bathyms height and just as burly aside from the hefty gut spilling over the waist of his black and red tights. He wasn't sure which he needed to take down first. That was fine, he thought with a grin. Made things more interesting.

As the buzzer sounded and the match began all three squared up, bodies tensed and ready. It was Bathym to make the first move, leaping right up to the right one and using his shoulders to vault behind him, spinning and knocking the man off his feet with a sweep of his leg.

The crowd cheered as he toppled over, landing on the ground with an 'oof'!

The other fighter launched himself at Bathym, throwing a blue gloved fist. Bending back Bathym dodged the hit before flipping back to make room between the two and allowing the big guy to get back on his feet. It'd be boring for the audience if he ended things too quickly after all. Bouncing on his feet Bathym gyrated his hips before diving back in, eager to please his adoring fans. He lived for the spotlight, the attention. He fed off their love and gave his best in turn.

The fight continued on for some time like this, the wolf toying with his prey whilst expertly evading their attempts to pin him down. They were good, he'd give them that, but this was his stage. Feeling the fun had gone on long enough Bathym made his grand finale, a flurry of kicks as he spun midair leaving his opponents breathless on the ground. They laid there gasping for air throughout the countdown.

Striking a pose as he was crowned the victor Bathym beamed, drinking in the cheers as he waved to the stands searching for his partners face before having to return to the lockers. He didn't even break a sweat.

His joyful gait came to a lurching halt as a sickening whine garbled from his gut, doubling over his stomach churned and twisted. Breaking into a cold sweat Bathym gave a weak moan as he held down a belch. Shaking his head he continued on, restoring his composure with each step.

"Urgh, that was weird." He muttered feeling the divots of his abs beneath his fingers as he rubbed his aching belly. Writing it off as the heavy drink not sitting well after so much movement Bathym put on a brave smile opening the door to the lockerroom, finding Lorelei waiting leaning against the wall.

Looking up the snow leapard smiled, running up to hug him around the neck.

"You were amazing babe! Absolutely killed it!"

"Ofcourse! Had to make my boo proud after-" a loud gurgle erupted from his guts midsentence, the sick feeling of his insides turning and knotting together returning with a vengeance. His body went slack as his knees shook and trembled, pressure building in his chest. "-urrrggh...." Bathym groaned, his vision going blurry.

"Bathym? Are you ok?" Lorelei asked, eyes wide with concern. "Do you need to sit down? Should I go find Snow?"

Shaking his head Bathym fought to focus his mind, pushing away the strangling knots in his stomach.

"No, no I'm fine." He assured them, half heartedly patting his chest. "Don't worry abou-UUUOOORRRPP!!"

Jumping back in surprise Loreleis fur raised on end as their boyfriend broke out into a thundering belch, deep and rumbling as his belly churned and sputtered like a dying engine. That surprise turned to utter shock once they realized that wasn't all Bathyms belly was doing.

Bathyms once flat stomach had begun to swell like a plush water balloon, abs buried under a muffin top growing before their very eyes. Apidose thickened as his slight paunch lurched out and over his waist, filling out into a hefty beergut shaking and jiggling from its own expansion. And still it grew wider and wider as a chorus of burps escaped his mouth. Though Loreleis eyes remained drilled on his gut, they could see the rest of him was following suit. His pecs bowed and curved as they turned into a pair of plump and soft moobs over his belly. Once concave sides turned convex as lovehandles began to sprout.

Leather groaned and whined as the straps of his outfit struggled to contain him, visibly quivering from the pressure. Though neither saw or heard it the strap stretched thin over Bathyms bulbous backside was the first to go, snapped clean in half. In a blink the rest buckled and caved under the wolfs ballooning weight, firing off loud as bullets and sending hypnotic ripples across the surface of his sudden bulk.

"OOOUUUURRRRRPP-ha-OUUuorp-ghe" Bathym wheezed as the torrent ended, breathless and too light headed to notice his newly fattened body. As the last few pounds found their place on his frame he nearly unrecognizable, so round and massive he'd put sumo wrestlers to shame. "Urgh..."

Staring in silence Loreleis jaw scraped the floor as their cheeks and ears burned, unable to process what they were seeing. Hearing a knock on the door and Andarvis voice calling out for them and their newly blimped boyfriend the leopards head swung back and forth before shoving a still dazed Bathym into the showers and pulling the curtains, turning on the water with a panicked yank of the handle.

Opening the only to give a flustered yelp seeing Bathyms clothes on the floor and the shower running Andarvi slammed the door shut, grumbling before stomping off from behind the door.

"O-Ok," Lorelei stammered to themself, struggling to think straight pressed against Bathyms soft bulk in the cramped shower. Their ears flicked back, unsure what to do. Wanting to dive face first into his doughy middle. "I'm going to kill that hyena."

Shake Up


It's always nice having someone looking out for you, but sometimes they can give you more than what you bargained for

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