Yo, I'm Lumi (the one and original) from FA and IB!

I'm pretty chill and fun dude! I'm here pretty much for dicks and butts,

and otherwise I just draw, play vidyas and be a massive faggot in general!

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Lack of activity

on 19 July 2015 at 17:06:23 MDT

Sorry for the lack of activity on this site.

I was kind of hoping my 'shop' to gain wind under it's wings on here like on my previous sites, but there's just not same kind of buzz going on here as elsewhere. I do also follow most of the people on the other sites.

Not to imply that it's the site's fault, quite the opposite! I just have hard time to focus on my already existing art sites, and this has just kinda slowly slipped between my fingers during that time.

I'll still cross-post occasional piece I do get done, but if you want to keep up with my current stuff, I'm mostly active on my FA (Lumi), IB (Lumi), Tumblr (Lewmzi) and Twitter (Lewmzi).

Just thought to give you guys heads up, and I'll let ya know if/when I gain more energy and motivation to properly focus on here as well. Until then, g'luck to all of ya and keep on artin' and rocking!

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    Gotta have my share of bunny porn... WAIT WHAT (; ̄ェ ̄)

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    "Lumen tuloa ei voi estää"
    Sillävälin Lumin kotona: "SOON fap fap fap fap"

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    what an awesome fursona~ very sexy

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    Is that a dog?!

    I remember that as your SL group title from waaaaaaaaaaay back.

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    "Lumen tulo kestää tänävuonna..."
    "Lumi ei tule- Jaahas, tuli se sittenkin"
    "Kylmääkö lumi käsiäsi? Hanskat ovat naulakossa, vedä käteen!"
    "Saatanan lumi, liukastuin siihen"

    Suorastaa jäätävää huumoria! Öhöhöhö-


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    hey mr bun

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    beautiful work! <3

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    thank you for the stalking nwn

    gracias por el acoso nwn