¡Viva la Colors! by Leo the Tiger

¡Viva la Colors!

[u]¡Viva la Colors![/u]

Hello. This is the Avenger. It’s been a bit crazy since we first started running into furries that are now our friends, whether it be the Unwanted, Zero, and more recently, “Colors” Hernandez (his first name was Jason). It’s fantastic to see him bring his masterpieces to life. It may be graffiti on one behalf, but on the other one, it’s perfectly legal, since most of the time, the maned wolf with the magic hand uses his creations to thwart the plots bestowed upon us by the forces of evil. It’s creepy and exciting at the same time.

The one weakness was that once alive, always alive with his characters, so the cats he painted that made up the mariachi band he sang with are still around, and Leo the Patriotic Lion now has a house full of marching band mice. But lions and mice can be friends, and the mice respect Leo and leave him alone most of the time. New technology has also allowed him to print off tinier copies of his music so those mice can play the tunes for their personal enjoyment or for other mice that want to watch and listen to the band.

Today, Colors was at it again, but his mischievous nature wasn’t bothering anyone, not even the police. He had that magic touch that could put the brightness in one’s dark day. This explains why, even though it was rainy at first, he painted the sun for it to shine once again, and some rainbows to go with it. The kids couldn’t get enough looks at the rainbows, and for their parents, it was a touching moment. Basically, he was turning our city into one big fiesta, but he was giving our numerous marching bands the respect they deserve and letting them perform. The previous mariachi band mentioned before was also playing in the park for the folks to enjoy.

“Wow,” Leo commented when Colors ran into him on this day. “You’re sure putting everyone in a good mood.”

“Gracias, amigo,” Colors smiled. “Everyone was so gloomy thanks to the weather, so I thought, ‘Why not make it a day for a fiesta?’ I know Mexican culture isn’t big around here thanks to influences of bands such as yours, but there’s the first time for everything!”

“Indeed,” Leo nodded. Then his communicator beeped. “Oh. Excuse me.” He stopped the beeping and answered the call. “Leo speaking,” he began.

“Hi, Leo; it’s Cripto. Bendraqi’s back and this time he wants to unleash his beam on the people of Mexico.”

“¡No es mi propio pueblo!” Colors exclaimed. (For those who need the translation, he said, “Not my own people!” Recall that he was a legal immigrant, but he still considered Mexicans his own people, and he loved them dearly.)

“I’m afraid so, amigo,” Cripto replied. “That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want any people coming after me.”

“Indeed,” Leo replied. “There’s no racism allowed in the G-52 organization. Say no more, Cripto. We’ll meet you on the field of battle. Oh, and I’m bringing Colors with me. He might have another masterpiece we can use against Bendraqi and his goons.”

“Okay, I’ll tell Super C you’re bringing him.” The link broke off, and Colors and Leo ran back to the house and climbed in the Patriotmobile, with Tom the Patriotic Tiger faithfully manning the guns as always. Colors rode in the back and prepared to put his pencil and paper to good use. Since he could draw so fast and yet be so accurate, we’d have no problem taking down the goons with any of his drawings.

I happened to be back in the UK, by the way, when Captain Cripton needed my help to take down a similar type of beam the Glaswegian Devils were using to aim at their own people, and my uncle Horace, still living in London at the time, was to be the first victim. Yet because of communication within the G-52s, I know about these things. This is why I can guarantee you that when my friends arrived at the hideout Bendraqi was using, his goons popped out of nowhere in another attempt to drain our stamina.

Colors, drawing furiously with his pencil and paper, created his own troop of squadron fighting wolves in their fighter planes and used the back of the Patriotmobile (at Leo’s suggestion) as a launching pad so they could come to our assistance. He also made many more comical remarks that made himself laugh. The rest of the G-52s took out the goons they were going to take out anyway.

Leo parked his Patriotmobile at the right spot and ordered Colors to continue producing new sets of squadron wolves, which he did. Since he never suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome, he happily kept drawing, and he hummed both American and Mexican tunes to himself to keep himself in high spirits. Meanwhile, Super Slash charged into the hideout by using his power ring to melt down the doorway.

Evidently, it was now Bendraqi’s turn to panic, because he, too, like the Glaswegian Devils, had used absolutely the finest unbreakable materials to create this front door, and Super Slash still melted it down to ashes. “AAAH!” he screamed. “That door was unbreakable! How can this be? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t anybody leave me alone, just once? Just once!”

Horrible as it sounded, Colors ran out of paper, but he didn’t care, so he asked Cripto to snap him some more as well as re-sharpen his pencils. Cripto did so, and soon, the fighter wolves once again took to the skies with pride. (Cripto was assigned to stay by the Patriotmobile for that very purpose anyway.) As soon as their mission was complete, they flew back to the base Colors had chosen, where they were to be stationed. (Colors has no way to bring his life creations back on paper, so his magical powers add housing and mess with people’s minds. Thus, the Navy thought these wolves had been serving them all along. The characters themselves also had no idea they came from paper; they simply acted as they were designed to be all the time. A few of the wolves died in plane crashes, but this gave Americans all the more reasons to appreciate the freedoms they enjoy, and respect those that died so that they might live.)

The Captain and I, with the help of Firefox and Warwolf, had just finished taking care of the Glaswegian Devils and putting them back where they belong, so we decided to investigate the scene for ourselves, being careful to stay out of the way of the fighter wolves. The UK’s thrilling three, as Leo called them, had never seen Colors before, so when Firefox spotted him drawing like crazy and bringing these creations to life, he remarked, “Astounding! It’s a shame he’ll never be paid a penny for it!”

“He doesn’t do it for the cash,” I said. “He does it for justice, or because he loves to do it. Earlier he brightened the city’s gloomy mood and made everybody happy with his abilities, by turning it into one large fiesta. That’s what the world needs. More happy folks like him.”

“Indeed,” said the Captain. “Meanwhile, where’s the beam intended to harm Mexico at?”

“In here,” I said, leading my fellow Brits inside. We caught up with the others and informed them about our victory.

“Excellent,” Super C replied. “Now all you have to do is put the fire out in case we need to burn this beam down. Meanwhile, would you help me out here?” He struggled to drag Bendraqi outside, having apprehended him, and the mad scientist was too embarrassed to speak.

“Sure thing,” I said as I took Bendraqi by the ankles while the Cat of Steel took him by the arms. The two of us transported him back to Alcatraz as T2 examined the beam. “Yeah,” he smiled. “We can smoke it!”

“I got this,” Firefox spoke up as he launched himself out through the ceiling and skyward, proceeding to use his firepower to smoke the hideout as the rest of us escaped safely. Leo made it back to the Patriotmobile and said to Colors, “All right, soldier; that will do. Excellent job!” He gave Colors a big salute, and Colors gave him a big smile, laughing as Mexican singers do. Cripto ran back to the Lionmobile and got inside as everyone took off and headed for home.

We met back at Leo’s house and officially introduced the Captain and his friends to Colors, who demonstrated a few more times how he could make his creations come to life, as well as show how once alive, always alive. He decide to name his new wolf superhero “El Orgullo de Gran Bretaña” (“The Pride of Great Britain”) and hummed “Rule, Britannia!” to himself as the superhero came to life and flew straight upward. (For the Captain’s sake, he also gave him the alternate name “Anglo Wolf.”) This new wolf wore a costume similar to the Captain’s uniform, decorated with the Union Jack all the way. The difference was that he wore a solid blue cape, while the Captain’s cape also had the Union Jack on it, displayed vertically.

We watched as the hero took on the challenge of fighting his arch-nemesis, “El gran villano” (“The grand villain”) from the skies and returning triumphantly, howling all the way as he flew back to the UK, and all the while, waving the Union Jack with pride. Leo couldn’t resist humming “Rule, Britannia!” to himself, when a marching band passing by decided to play the song, and several others of us followed suit. I sang the lyrics to myself as well.

“Well, that adds another superhero to our status,” the Captain spoke up when the song had finished. “The next time we need extra reinforcements, like with the RAF, we’re coming to you.”

“Gracias, amigos; it’s a deal,” Colors grinned as the thrilling three waved goodbye and headed for home, following Anglo Wolf at a distance. Anglo Wolf turned and noticed them, but knew who it was, so he happily said hello and talked with them, getting to know them better, and vice-versa.

“You ought to be doing comic books,” I said. “At least that way you’d earn cash to pay the bills.”

“I have lived unemployed thanks to the job crisis that’s been happening,” Colors replied. “That’s a good idea. Although, with these, I’ll have to go slower, but I can, and I can ask for professionals to help me with publishing. I’ll just have to rule out Anglo Wolf since he’s now a real superhero. My other superhero, La Fantasma—or “The Ghost”—lives in outer space and battles intergalactic evil, so I can work with him.”

“We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again whenever we need your help,” said Leo. “And thanks again for making everyone happy; it’s just what everyone needed.”

“De nada, amigos,” Colors smiled. “¡Era mi placer!” (“It was my pleasure!”)


¡Viva la Colors!

Leo the Tiger

20 July 2019 at 19:06:48 MDT

Jason "Colors" Hernandez is a Mexican maned wolf with the ability to bring his drawings and paintings to life, and this proves to be vital when the evil Bendraqi strikes yet again.

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