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I am a creative and passionate individual who holds a deeper, feral part inside herself. I appreciate art in all its forms. I work in vast and varied mediums and techniques. I am always open for a challenge. My strengths are in various crafts such as making jewelry, pyrography, and sculpting.

I work in traditional and digital mediums. I am always open to commission. If you can dream it, I can find a way to make it a reality.

I also enjoy writing, and have always been an avid roleplayer, mainly using White Wolf's gaming systems and inspiration drawn from the World of Darkness.

In my spare time I wander the wild places of the world. I am inspired by nature in all its forms. I love animals, and share my life with a comical cast of critters. I do a lot of volunteer work in both domestic and wildlife rehabilitation.

If you'd like to learn more about me and get to know me beyond a profile page, feel free to contact me.



Latest Journal

Broken Greenhouse

on 20 January 2019 at 01:33:31 MST

Apologies for not much posting, but on top of having to deal with painful emergency oral surgery and recovery over the holidays, and other general downers like not being able to eat much without blending it because hardly any teeth left ( new dieting strategy? lolz ), my greenhouse was totally destroyed early this morning due do unexpected severe wind storm. It was already damaged from a wind storm that happened while I was laid up from the oral surgery, and not having had the chance to fully repair that damage and some tension loss in the guy ropes. The wind brought in by this front had 50mph sustained gusts all day that just obliterated the frame and cover. I had plans to start plant propagation and seed stuff next week and document all that, but now I have nowhere to do it because we had to emergency move a full 20ft greenhouse worth of stuff into the garage. Now there is no other room even to mess with workshop or ceramics stuff or much anything else. Finding myself at another standstill until I figure out what to do, just as I had gotten to a place where I had the momentum and means to get stuff going again. FML. Images and stuff here:

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      Likewise! I really liked seeing your art on FA, and wanted to make sure I didn't lose track of you. Lot of +fav catching up to do with all the online galleries!