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I am a creative and passionate individual who holds a deeper, feral part inside herself. I appreciate art in all its forms. I work in vast and varied mediums and techniques. I am always open for a challenge. My strengths are in various crafts such as making jewelry, pyrography, and sculpting.

I work in traditional and digital mediums. I am always open to commission. If you can dream it, I can find a way to make it a reality.

I also enjoy writing, and have always been an avid roleplayer, mainly using White Wolf's gaming systems and inspiration drawn from the World of Darkness.

In my spare time I wander the wild places of the world. I am inspired by nature in all its forms. I love animals, and share my life with a comical cast of critters. I do a lot of volunteer work in both domestic and wildlife rehabilitation.

If you'd like to learn more about me and get to know me beyond a profile page, feel free to contact me.



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AOL Instant Messenger Will Be Discontinued

on 17 October 2017 at 20:40:46 MDT

PSA: AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued. For those who haven't heard and didn't get the email notice, AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger ) is being canned and dropped as of December 15, 2017. AOHell is getting rid of it completely. Per their email:

"We see that you've used AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) in the past, so we wanted to let you know that AIM will be discontinued and will no longer work as of December 15, 2017.

Before December 15, you can continue to use the service. After December 15, you will no longer have access to AIM and your data will be deleted. If you use an email address, your email account will not be affected and you will still be able to send and receive email as usual."

So basically everyone who kept it connected via linked accounts so they could keep in touch with friends via an instant messaging service might want to reach out and update contacts before you lose them. I had a feeling it would happen with recent changes they made, trying to force people to use and pay for the service.

My understanding is that they are disallowing outside connections to any linked accounts. Which means Trillian and other things like Facebook Messaging will be unable to access the AOHell buddy list content any longer, or interact with anyone using it. You will be unable to save or export your buddy list.

You can keep in contact with me via Trillian and Discord at the following:

Trillian - leopardwolf

Discord - LeopardWolf#7905

You can see AOL ( now Oath )'s FAQ about it here:

For those of us who have used AIM since 1997 and before ( when still with AOHell as an ISP ), this really, really sucks. So much for nostalgia and maintaining old connections. Thanks for screwing us all over Oath. I highly doubt you will develop anything more iconic or life changing than the original AIM platform has been.

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      Likewise! I really liked seeing your art on FA, and wanted to make sure I didn't lose track of you. Lot of +fav catching up to do with all the online galleries!