Ehlers Danlos + Sjogrens Info Graphic by LeopardWolf

Ehlers Danlos + Sjogrens Info Graphic


1 July 2016 at 21:46:24 MDT

Examples of what happens when Ehlers-Danlos and Sjögren's Syndrome collide, when someone has both conditions.

Sincere apologies for the lack of more art activity. I have had a horrible go at it with reoccurring flair ups of my autoimmune issues. If it wasn't searing excruciating nerve pain in my jaws and teeth ( and increasing dose of nerve blocker for it ), it was painful cracked skin on my hands that repeatedly splits open and bleeds and weeps. The nerve blocker I have to take is heavily sedating at higher doses. Overall it hasn't exactly been conducive to productivity of art and creative things since April.

The included images are an info graphic showing what happens with my hands, for those who were curious. It counts as photography, right?

It comes and it goes. Thankfully it is finally letting up enough where I can think more clearly and start working on art again. The ceramics have to wait a little longer for my hands to heal some, before I can go back to working with the clay or even do the glazing of bisque pieces.

I have been fussing around with sketching ideas for planned work. Maybe I'll scan those out of my sketchbooks and share them on Patreon.

I also started practicing speed painting with Painter, but the results have been horribly embarrassing and not very share worthy.

With the Medicaid expansion I am getting access to immunological medications and other treatment options, which we hope will better control symptoms.

Which means more art will once again be possible more often!

Thank you all for your continued support and your understanding.


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    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry that this is happening to you

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    Sadly something I can relate with. Ehlers Danlos suffer myself, though more in my joints and ligaments than my skin, Either way, I know how unpleasant a condition it can be to live with just from the pain side alone. Hopefully your meds help and the flare up eases off sooner than later