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"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!"
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Hiya, I'm Leon Bluestreak!
I'm an average-sized fox covered largely in neon blue fur, with the area below the my muzzle, chest, belly and inner thighs being characteristically white. Dark, navy blue "highlights" (ironic in this case) come in the form of distinctive "fox gloves" that gently fade into it from the bright blue of the rest of my fur, a brief ring around my tail that serves as a border between the blue of the fur and the white of the tip, and the ears that sit atop my head (which are also bridged by a small tuft of dark fur). Always twitching about one way or another, those hearing ears never seem to remain still; always inquisitively twitching, turning and swivelling. Lastly, my eyes shine in a brilliant, almost sparkling emerald green - one that always seems to have a glint of some sort in it; adventurousness, slyness, playfulness, or a whole plethora of others.

I am vividly interested in the sciences (with chemistry and material sciences passing far beyond the rest), drama and acting, stand-up comedy, art (both traditional and digital, with skills in both), psychology (of which I hold a Practitioner degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the furry fandom (undoubtedly), and - perhaps most importantly - gaming. With the mention of art, I am an aspiring artist still trying to properly develop my style (and confidence in the area), as well as a few skills when it comes to digital design and working with PhotoShop. I've been greatly inspired by many artists within the fandom, and I believe that it's one of the best ways it has influenced me - in addition to the wonderful community I'm proud to associate with.

As previously mentioned, I'm an avid gamer, with tastes mostly residing within the confines of action and adventure RPGs (though I do dabble in other genres from time to time). If you get me into a conversation about a game or game series that I play, there's a pretty good chance that we'll be talking for a long while! Lore and storyline is especially important to me, and I really believe that's what makes a game most enjoyable - as well as making it a very interesting topic to talk about with others (when I'm able to converse with others who share knowledge akin to/greater than mine, at least)

A recent passion of mine is also con-going! Though I haven't been able to attend any furcons yet (though I do hope to attend Confuzzled in a few years time), I attend the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) and MCM London Comic Con (MCM) conventions when ever they come up. Thus far, I've been to both (summer and winter) LFCC and MCM London conventions that took place in 2013, and am currently looking forward to attending the upcoming ones in 2014. I've met some of my best friends at these places (both fur and non-fur), and I strongly recommend these sorts of conventions to anybody who has never attended one!

Always feel free to contact me! I'm a very approachable guy that loves meeting other furs, discussing the furrydom + other mutual interests, and roleplaying!




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