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Jules explosion leap by Leomane

Jules explosion leap


Continuing along with sketching my most amazing and personal, and in this case shared, characters we have Julius “Jules” Arras making his appearance! And I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't mention that yes the recent amazing picture by Flishnet totally inspired me to turn the super rough idea I had into what you see here! So bis thanks as I took some much needed inspiration and some design bits too.

So whats the life of an indestructible bounty hunting illegal android aqua-dragon like? Well lets say it's never boring and gives ample opportunities to be uncanny and show off while leaping off a catwalk to escape an explosion blast most likely caused by “The Employer” and his goons.
This scene was also mostly inspired by a very important action scene in mine and Danji's ongoing story / RP ( will have to do this proper and add in Danji at some point to make it far more accurate. ~.=.^ )
One big question is why is Jules naked? and does it matter or does it improve? >;3
An answer is uhhh I'm still working on his updated clothes design and I wanted to have more of his body shown off...

Once again same as the other recent sketches I'm doing far more to improve my skills and use / make proper references and add in more of a background to give context and as a challenge to myself.
Also since his blazing hair is a trademark totally added in some colour there to show it off.
Overall very pleased with how it came out backgrounds could of course use some work like the explosion looks meh so far... As well some parts of Jules need a little more to them ( cough NSFW * cough* ) or a few changes to really make him pop.

Either way super happy with my speed on these sketches and the look and style so far.
Also like totally go check Flishnet out! ( )
For now enjoy and see everyone next week!