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Down and Out by LeccathuFurvicael

Down and Out


I wanted a more dramatic title, but I just can't think of one!

This is the image I was talking about in my journal addressing my migraines, and I am so disappointed with the quality of the photo. I accidentally left my digital camera elsewhere, so have had only my phone camera to take this image, and the graininess really is something I haven't been able to fix yet. So, I spruced it up a little with some digital shading, and hope for the best. I really want to get a photo that will do this image justice, though, so in time you may see an improved version.

I'll copy-paste from my journal to elucidate on what is going on here:

"I have just gotten back out from under a pretty bad migraine that has been dogging me for the past two days (the first night being the worst - barely got even an hour's total worth of sleep until about 8am, and even then slept fitfully; took two separate doses of Excedrin, which is not something I normally do, along with anti-nausea meds).

Yesterday I took a day off and drew a picture that I'm actually surprisingly happy with, though it needs some proportional tweaks. I haven't drawn an anthropomorphic image of my draconic self in ages, but the night from Hell deserved recreation I suppose.

The image is pretty self-explanatory: an almost literal representation of how I was; half-sprawled as I lay my arm over my aching eye/temple, an eyemask on, torso rotated in a way to help alleviate my nausea as best I can, while trying to be comfortable enough to incite sleep. Episodes of Game Theory are on auto-play on my laptop in case I can't sleep and need moderate entertainment in the background (which proved to be a great time-killer). Medications line my shelf at the head of my bed; a box of Triscuits (set up to block the alarm clock's green glare, along with the crackers' nutritive properties should I be able to stomach them), and a water bottle. A melted ice pack, the towel it was wrapped in, and a warm, now useless, bean-filled cold pack lay strewn about me, or tucked under the shelf at the head of the bed.

Sweetest of all, our new cat Sylvy, curled up against my lower back. She was with me the entire night, only leaving to do her own business, but always riotously returning with a warm trill. At one point she was even kneading the small of my naked back, which I found incredibly touching, though painful (the pain from her claws did prove a good distraction from the ache in my head, though, which could be said to be a benefit in its own right). She also has a compulsion to lick my hands, or even my ears and face, and those moments were comforting distractions as well. She had nowhere else that she wanted to be, and I loved her for it."

Man, I have to say that I can draw lines so much more easily on paper than with a tablet - I'm not sure what the disconnect is. It was therapeutic to not be staring at a screen, connected to the image much more intimately than through a tablet and a keyboard. : ) Again, I'll look to improve the quality on this (it was the literal best out of almost 8 different attempts), but the time-frame on that is probably 'TBD - To Be Determined'. Hope you can enjoy the image, and thanks for your interest!

Size: 11 x 14 inches
Media: .05 2B mechanical pencil, digitally shaded in Photoshop CS4

Leccathu Fürvicael, Romanian Three-Tail species, and art created by and copyright © 2015 Stephanie Dziezyk

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    Lovely work; looks good in anthro.
    Poor girl.

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      Thanks! And conveying my form into anthro has been thankfully relatively easy with my round head, though the feet have always been an issue for me proportion-wise. Here, they look good finally! I'm happy that you like it, and thanks for your sympathy. : )

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    hope you feel better soon
    migraines are never fun
    if you can eat anything, go for bit salty items and more water with the painkillers. Helped me when having a throbbing head for a whole day and rest as long it takes.

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      Thanks - crackers and salty-ish baked goods are most DEFINITELY my friend when I have migraines (Trader Joe's Baked Cheese Crunchies are kickass). Thanks for your support and understanding! I'm so sorry to hear that you get them as well! Migraineurs unite!

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    You are a strong person to continue to do your art and everything else while you suffer with these terrible migranes all the time. Positive thoughts for you, I missed seeing your art(Formerly Dracotic but shhhh, don't tell anyone - Call me Aze now). Glad you are still perservering and best wishes for you! <3

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      Awgh - that is exceptionally kind of you. Thank you so much! hugs I really really appreciate it, especially coming from you. <3 So good to see you around again, you scaly worm you! ^^