Supervillain Profile: 'Beastia' by LeccathuFurvicael

Supervillain Profile: 'Beastia'


1 October 2015 at 17:21:15 MDT

"Born to a farming family in a rural area not far from Mexico City, her family as killed in a fire at a young age. Left alone in the wilderness, presumed dead, and almost alone, she learnt to utilize a family heirloom, a magical staff,f to survive by controlling the animals around her to protect herself. Has learned to survive in the wild on her own, and lives there.

Her Superpowers are manipulation of emotions, with a magic staff as Focus for empowerment, mastery of animal training and combat. Her weaknesses are her animialistic nature and short-sighted methods." - Searonik

I was commissioned by Searonik to create artwork for a class on superheroes and villains for him, and he gave me this colorful character to visualize. It was quite a change of pace for me, and helped to broaden my art variety. I am so proud of that jaguar!! It looked like a bulky mountain lion with too large a head before I put the markings on, but once they were painted, BAM! First time painting any of these subjects! The Maned Wolf isn't as good, but that's not a problem.

All of these species are endangered in the wild, and were utilized to depict the animals Beastia works with and protects. There's a reason she's not wearing jaguar skins!

Hope you enjoy the non sequitur!

Media: Photoshop CS6
Time: 8-9 hours

Concept © Searonik
Art © 2015 Stephanie Dziezyk. Do not use for monetary or personal gain.

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