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Samantha Spies Whiskey by LaurenRivers

Samantha Spies Whiskey


6 April 2014 at 12:52:57 MDT

Samantha sat in one of those comfortable lounge chairs as he surveyed the room. There was no one interesting in the club tonight. He thought about sidling up to the bar and trying to attract a cute guy that didn't mind a woman stuck in the wrong body. He didn't mind being a rat, he was happy with his species. Genetics had just stuck him with the wrong set of equipment. He looked down at his lithe form that managed to look feminine despite his sex. He crossed his legs, playing with his hair and wishing he had as perky a set of breasts as the silver vixen that walked into the room.

He sat up immediately as he looked at her face. She looked a little uncertain, almost as if she was trying out her body for the first time. She walked like a guy, with slow lumbering steps. Every time someone walked up to her, she would dismiss them and try to get around them until she managed to get to the bar.

Sam stood up and walked over to her. "Hey, you all right?"

"I've had a bad night," Whiskey said.

"You want some company? I'm not like the rest of these guys." Sam waited a moment as the vixen looked him up and down, her eyes widening as she noticed he was a guy. "Don't mind the body, I'm a girl at heart."

Whiskey laughed with a bitter look in her eyes. "You don't know how ironic that is."

"Where do you live? Can I help you get home? I know this neighborhood pretty well."

Whiskey pulled her house key from her pocket and looked at it. "Do you know where Walnut Street is?"

"I do, come on." Sam kissed her on the cheek. "My name's Sam, but I prefer Samantha." He took her by the paw and led her out past the lusty male population of the club.

Art by Flynxy

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    bunnyhowls Hot mama!!

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      Sam can rock that dress. ;)

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        Yes he can. Not many guys could do it so well! ;3