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Tiv and 'Lander - Dance by Lachland-Nightingale

Tiv and 'Lander - Dance


Back to posting here again after a ...whatever....(see current Journal....)....

This is WIP from last year....i hope to make some progress on it in a month or so....

Most of my anthro stories take place on the same looks a bit like ours for a reason...but the chronology is a bit out of joint.

This story happens around something like our World War I...but rather different... The Feline nations this time...Tiv is a farm girl whose village was slaughtered in the early stages of the war. 'Hanner is a "Ranger" - a soldier/investigator/judge/executioner - a knight, so to speak...They meet on the road...Their social status is a barrier, but...

And then full scale war breaks out, and 'Hanner is called to the front...

i put up a WIP of this a couple years ago:

The idea with that one was that were very much in shadow, lit only backlight and a little bounced light....Eventually i had to give that idea up - it was just too i changed strategy and made them more lit up and the sky and distant city darker...

Eventually i will have to re-draw the background to fix perspective, windows etc. Then re-paint it as a separate level. Sometimes it's quicker to start over than to try and fix a rough. i think i can continue to rework the character at least.

pencil 8 1/2 x 11 inches
PaintshopPro 7

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    Aaaa romance.