Come Out by Kyna_Inkweaver (critique requested)

Secrets, I am selling you,
up the river for something true.
I'm tearing down now my great wall,
And heeding to a simpler call.

I can't live like I did before,
Not in a million years I say,
now with lighter heart I open this door,
And welcome in a brand new day.

The risks are great, some say the pay off few,
But I'll tell you man, the sky never seemed so blue.

Come Out (critique requested)


7 June 2014 at 09:13:11 MDT

Okay before we really talk of this, I'm going to talk of myself.

I got into poetry by way of Langston Hughes. When I read his poems I didn't feel like they were just ramblings of some man who was distant from life. They were poems written simple enough for people to understand really. They were poems calling to the little outcasts in America. Those who had suffered dreams and freedoms deferred from them. They didn't feel like they needed to be put in some high class case of humanity. And that is what inspires me to write.

I recently say a Crash Course Literature video [] concerning his works, and this inspired me to make another poem about my own struggles in homage to his work in a way.

You will notice this isn't a sonnet, or a haiku. It's just a simple rhyme with a good rhythm.

Now, as for the inspiration. I came out to my mother yesterday about being Trans*. She took it well, and she hasn't ousted me or anything. Hence why the poem is this way. Anyway, I hope this makes you feel as good as it did me writing it.

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    That's very sweet. I'm proud of you and happy you mum is taking it well <3