A cure for thoughts of you by Kyna_Inkweaver

I thought of you today,
I didn't mean to, by the way.
You just kinda waltzed right in,
And made a frown from my broad grin.
Then I remembered who I have right now,
And that just knowing them makes me smile,
To them my love I completely and always vow.
That we will be close no matter the meter or mile,
That we will care for the other in our saddest times,
And that our love will forge a true reason and rhyme.
So you see, I don't need these thoughts of you,
I've got them, and their hearts are true.

A cure for thoughts of you


30 April 2014 at 23:30:57 MDT

Everyone has invasive thoughts. Mine are generally about my first love. She stumbled into my mind today. So, I wrote this after three people in particular helped me. Two of them helped me quite directly today. The third is a positive and comforting influence on my life. Thanks you three.

That being said, I have no idea what the form for this is. Just kinda flowed together. I hope you enjoy!

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