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Galleria Imperialis - Ultramarine Sergeant by kritheavix

Galleria Imperialis - Ultramarine Sergeant


It's been approximately one million years since I've uploaded anything, for which I apologise! Moving to Germany has been hectic enough without having to wait six whole months for my belongings to arrive after me, which meant that by the time I was able to paint again I've been a little out of practice. Since I wanted to get my arm back in, I opted to start with something clean, clear and obvious, and thus an Ultramarine seemed the logical choice.

I followed the advice of the excellent Mr Duncan Rhodes on WarhammerTV's Youtube account, which I thoroughly recommend checking out for yourself. The videos are packed with advice for just about anything you can conceive of painting, and there's a run of daily tips coming out that touch on small details and little things to make miniatures pop. Cool stuff, and the Ultramarines guide is what I followed almost to the letter to get this dude finished!

All he needs now is a name. I'm thinking Jacius, owing to the Ultramarines' typically Roman-inspired naming convention, but I'm not sure how well that one scans. It'd definitely fit on his banner, at the very least!

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    i like your basing; what was the technique??

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      A thick layer of the texture base, Stirland Mud, followed by a half-water coat of Mournfang Brown over the whole thing (and to paint the edge) and then just a drybrush of Terminatus Stone.

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        ahhh, very good very good, thanks friend

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    Oh wow very nice. I like your work on the roman numeral there. did you use the brush or a specific pen for it?

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      That one was brushed! A few thin coats of Averland Sunset to block out the lines first, then highlighted with Yriel Yellow. If I went astray I just hit it with a little black to tidy up.

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        Nice touch on the melts bomb at the back, I just noticed it.
        Good idea on the marking. I usually use a micron ink pen and keep it black. Less chance the brush diverts in the stroke.