Pine Needles by Krio

Pine Needles


3 February 2014 at 22:04:41 MST

and owl down should never go together in a stew~

More of this gal bc I like sketching her =v=;;

Back on my commission grind tomorrow ;v;/

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    Yay! More of your cute witchy self! <3 This pose is so cute, with the feet like that! Really makes me want to draw legs for some reason lol. Her face is so adorable, I really love the way you draw eyes~ And you make drawing that staff look easy! <3 I hope we get to see more of her in the future!

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      oh mann I have such a tough time with legs and feet so I'm glad ya think they came out nice :'D <3<3 and ahhh thank ya thank ya /v\ I look forward to sketching her again in the future (the next time I get a bit of downtime from projects and commissions!)

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    Ahh your witchsona? :D She's super cute, I love that bell dress.

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      yup, my witchsona! and ahhh thank you so much u///v//u I love drawing bell dresses :'D

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    oh yay you drew here again! (´≝◞⊖◟≝`)

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      drew HER
      //omg it's 4am - that's why I suck at this //cries

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        /smooches/ I know the feeling XD I'm up at 1am rn and my eyes are all blurry and I'm tired but the internet is callliinggg me =A=