Komos in repose by Komos and Goldie

Komos in repose

Komos and Goldie

20 July 2016 at 22:29:48 MDT

Komos' official Anthrocon 2016 fursuit portrait, taken on Friday July 1st.

Komos himself says -- "A wonderful portrait of everyone's favorite anthro komodo dragon (well, mine anyway) taken by Dragonscales at Anthrocon early this month. The photographer set up the backdrop and posed Komos, making him look even more sophisticated than he does already; all he needs now is a snifter of brandy..."

That said, these portraits' combination of placid pose and hi-res photography is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to flaws in the fur and seams in the costume. In the original file I can make out every single speck of fluff on Komos' jacket, for instance! Also, Komos himself retouched this photo ever-so-slightly to darken the back of his mouth more convincingly.


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    The shading on this is so bright and smooth that my mind can't grasp that this is a fursuit and not a drawing. Especially with the face.

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      The Komos costume, especially his face, is seriously impressive for sure, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous! A slight shame about the very visible join between legs and feet, but nothing's perfect in this life.