Komos and Westie by Komos and Goldie

Komos and Westie

Komos and Goldie

16 July 2016 at 04:17:52 MDT

'Komos' writes --

Taken on the third floor of the Westin, outside the former Zoo.

This year, to get even more into the Anthrocon spirit, each hotel created their own furry mascot; here I am posting with the Westin's cleverly named 'Westie'. (Some dipshit stole a different hotel's mascot. At the closing ceremonies Kage asked for its return, no questions asked; I have no idea if it was returned or not.)

What I like about this pic, apart from Komos's casual pose is that in addition to his head-on look into the camera you can see his face in profile at the same time in the mirror to the left.

Sunday July 3rd 2016.