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The Afflicted by Kjorteo

The Afflicted


Artist credit:
Owlette made the book cover.
RKTDWG made the lettering on the book cover.
Sparkyopteryx made the chapter and afterword illustrations.

Years after the outbreak of a deadly plague, after all quarantines failed and the outside world became a lost cause, uninfected survivors live under the protection of an oppressive domed city. The law declares that exposure to the wilderness means death. Under these conditions, a tribe of eight infected outcasts begins a journey. They mean to reach the only other living city of which they know, and to chronicle their lives along the way. As they struggle with disease, exposure, hunters, and their own disagreements with one another, can they manage to pass on their legacy before they pass on?

This is the first three chapters of my novel, The Afflicted, presented as a sample. If you like what you see, please consider purchasing the full version:
Amazon Kindle Store
The full version has eight chapters and an afterword, and weighs in at roughly 120,000 words.

This was such a long process and so many people helped and inspired me along the way, that it's impossible to encapsulate it all within one short description. Let me instead just say thank you to everyone. After years of work, this is it. This is my novel. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.

Submission Information

Literary / Story


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    Woo! I think this looks awesome. I long ago suggested I'd buy the full version and have not... Yet. I will probably do so as soon as I reach the bottom of my current stack, so probably in a week or three.

    Also, I think this is a good argument for the put-my-description-before-the-pdf feature suggestion :3

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      Haha, yeah, it really is, isn't it? Is there a place to chime in with that? Because yeah, the description for this one is a bit buried, isn't it? :P

      Anyway, thank you so much! No rush, I'm just honored and flattered to have the attention at all. :3

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    Whoa, she did an excellent job with the cover art! Does a great job laying out the setting...

    Currently savings are almost nil, however that being said I fully intend to buy this on Smashwords in the near future. I sure hope this personal journey has motivated you to continue to write, worldbuild and create!

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      I absolutely love how the cover looks. Both the artwork and the lettering (since those came from different people) are excellent, and I feel they perfectly sum up the setting of the novel. For those who have read it, it is an immediately familiar view of the characters and the world in which they live. For those who haven't, it's just such a gorgeous layout that it entices and intrigues. You either know this world, or you want to know it. On top of that, the whole thing just looks clean, well-made, professional, and I swear every time I'm looking at Amazon/Smashwords and see my entry as part of a bigger list, seeing such an amazing thumbnail and just knowing that one's mine, it thrills me, it really does.

      Just as important, though, are the amazingly lovely chapter illustrations you made for me! Sadly, they are a bit harder to convey the meaning to someone who hasn't read the book yet (mostly because they are the chapter illustrations, and therefore obviously don't appear until you are already in the process of reading it) but I'm sure you'll see just how perfect they are once you pick up a copy (or even right now, if you want to start with the sample here.) That's honestly the biggest reason why I'm so excited to hear you plan on reading this; yeah, the sale is always nice, but I really just want you to see firsthand and fully understand and appreciate just what you've done, just how perfect everyone's personalities are, and just how much your outstanding work truly enhances everything.

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    I really enjoyed the first couple of pages. :) The way you describe inherits emotion and is very powerful. I am personally not too fond of anthropomorphic stories for several reasons - but I really enjoyed diving into this story. When I have more time, I will come back and read on. The beginning with the funeral leaves questions - but in a good way so you really want to read on. It's not too long and keeps the reader interested. The descriptions leave you with a nice impression of the characters without taking on too much room, it's all in the flow. Well done! And the illustrations are truely beautiful and accomodate the story and characters quite well from what I can see.

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      Oh, thank you so much! I am thrilled to hear that you like it so far. :)